Senior marketing execs: Virtually no proof social media ads are working
Paul Dughi

Loved this article Paul Dughi. It’s amazing how small business owners are so starved for revenue that they will invest in social media ads for their business, despite no solid proof of quantifiable results. In a recent blog post, Why You’re Flunking at Marketing, I discussed why I believe social media ads are Medium Value Marketing.

Your article has further opened my eyes to the industry data us entrepreneurs are fed. At first glance it appears to support the most impressive attribute in favor of social media ads, the ability to quantify. The studies you’ve shown prove otherwise.

Perhaps social media ads may ultimately prove they’re a close cousin to their traditional marketing counterparts and are actually Low Value Marketing?

Thanks for sharing such great information! As business owners, It’s time we stop supporting pay-per-click when what we all crave is pay-per-sale!