When in Doubt, Be Consistent.

One of the responsibilities of being a quality leader is to help other aspiring and established entrepreneurs achieve their goals and dreams. Through the reflection of our past failures, sharing encouraging words or spreading our expertise throughout our networks, we do our part to lift our colleagues.

Welcome to my new blog series #WhenInDoubt.

This week, I spoke with Danny Glover, owner and operator of Skuttlebutts Pizza. As a business owner, I truly admire Danny’s ambition and dedication.

Let’s dive further into Danny’s story.

I like to say, “when in doubt, add more value…” Do you have a motto or rally cry for your business or for yourself? If so, what is it and if not, what would it be?

Our motto is “Fresh Food, prepared with care, prompt and courteous service, since 1939.

My Mentor, Bill Gall taught me most of what I know about running a business. What stood out and stuck with me the most is the way he took care of his customers. He always made sure we went the extra mile, even if it was something very small and simple. To this day, we provide complimentary ice to our catering customers. Something so small, yet shockingly so appreciated by everyone we work with. So, I think the emphasis in our motto is the Courteous Service.

As a serial entrepreneur, I have certainly had my share of highs and lows. How do you maintain your own resilience despite the setbacks that come with being an entrepreneur?

You certainly have to be resilient as an entrepreneur. It seems like every day there are highs and lows. For me it is hard to explain and I feel like only other business people can relate, but it is not the money that drives me. It’s the drive to be more successful. It’s the competitor in me that wants to be the best. I am never satisfied, and love a challenge. While I love coming to work every day (well, almost), I have had some major lows as well, including a failed business, that have been costly learning experiences. If you’re not resilient you don’t belong in business.

“If you’re not resilient you don’t belong in business.”
-Danny Glover

I always say that “Good Business + Bad Culture = Sh*t.” I truly believe that business longevity comes down to building a strong internal culture for your team. How do you instill strong culture within your company?

Many of my employees “own their jobs”. I give them the freedom, control, and compensation to be completely responsible for their role. In return, these people treat the business as their own and are always looking out for the company. They also know that I have their backs and will jump in at any time to help them out at work, or in their personal lives.

I whole-heartedly believe that the heart of great marketing is establishing loyalty and trust with your customers. What tactics do you use to achieve loyalty and establish trust within your company?

I would like to think that our customer service is unmatched in our market. We strive to keep our customers satisfied and make events as easy as possible so that they utimately call us again. I try to be as hands on as possible and feel that we offer a more personable experience than our competitors. We have many customers that call us for weekly, monthly, or annual events because they know that we are going to take care of them.

I strongly believe in turning bad experiences into some of the greatest teachers and lessons. You never fail as long as you learn, right? What would you say has been your biggest learning lesson in building your business?

I wanted to grow too much, too fast, too soon, and made some bad decisions because of it. Those decisions that were made while blinded by excitement and with an urge to be more successful. Instead of following a sound business plan and attainable debt payment plan, these rash decidions led to a failed business, which we have had to rebound from.

I always strive to pay it forward with my honesty in sharing my experiences. What advice would you give to someone coming up in your shoes? What is something you wish you knew then that you could share with someone today?

Be prepared to do the work, including the dirty work. No one cares as much as you do, and NO ONE is going to run your business for you.

A huge thank you to Danny Glover, owner and operator of Skuttlebutt’s Pizza in Downers Grove, Illinois for sharing his story and his business advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Shaun Black is the Founder of Koha, launching Fall 2017.

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