When in Doubt, Stay Committed.

One of the responsibilities of being a quality leader is to help other aspiring and established entrepreneurs achieve their goals and dreams. Through the reflection of our past failures, sharing encouraging words or spreading our expertise throughout our networks, we do our part to lift our colleagues.

Welcome to my new blog series #WhenInDoubt.

This week, I spoke with Rob Surrusco, Creating Wellness Consultant and Marketing Director at Clarendon Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Center.

As a small business owner, I truly admire Rob’s committment to excellence in his practice. It’s unmatched. It’s one thing to do your job, but it’s another to add superior quality to what you delver to your customers, and Rob and his team do just that.

Do you have a motto or rally cry for your business or for yourself? If so, what is it and if not, what would it be?

“Don’t shrink in the face of adversity.” Shrinking does nothing to change one’s destiny.

Our business is to serve the health care needs of our community and at times people are hesitant to try or investigate a new approach to managing their health care needs.

By not shrinking and handling their concerns I can have a positive influence in changing their lives for the better.

As a serial entrepreneur, I have certainly had my share of highs and lows. How do you maintain your own resilience despite the setbacks that come with being an entrepreneur?

I focus on the wins and positives that I have created with patients who are thriving in all aspects of their life. Hearing about their renewed energy, better sleep and overall happiness is key for me whenever some lows come into play.

I also love to compete in athletics, still at my ripe old age of 52. Competition allows for me to blow off steam. Life is too short to be miserable!

I always say that “Good Business + Bad Culture = Sh*t.” I truly believe that longevity in business comes down to building a strong internal culture for your team. How do you instill strong culture within your company?

The unique thing about my business is I work with all family members. Each person is responsible for our business being successful.

Being raised in a close knit family, my brother and I know our family bond is what makes our business culture so unique. We are all in it together with a common goal of having a positive influence on and even changing people’s lives.

I have said that at the heart of great marketing is establishing loyalty and trust with your customers. What tactics do you use to achieve loyalty and establish trust within your company?

Do what you say you’re going to do and deliver the goods!

When you follow through with what you deliver, you can truly built trust with your customers, or in our case, patients.

Lucky for our marketing efforts, our patients love to share their stories and help those others see what they can gain from visiting us. It’s a win win for all!

I strongly believe in turning bad experiences into some of the greatest teachers and lessons. You never fail as long as you learn, right? What would you say has been your biggest learning lesson in building your business?

What I have always learned about failing, and that has worked for me in life and business, is that it’s easier for people to say no instead of yes.

To build a successful business, communication and listening skills are a must, both amongst your team and with your customers or clients. The key is to know when a no is really a yes, and how to tactfully guide a conversation towards the answer you are seeking.

I always strive to be the person I needed when I was a younger entrepreneur by paying it forward with my honesty. What advice would you give to someone coming up in your shoes? What is something you wish you knew then that you could share with someone today?

I couldn’t agree more with your statement of being honest.

Be honest with yourself first and foremost, and be honest about the work you are putting in. Do that and you’ll find success.

Major thanks to Rob Surrusco for his time this week. Your words mean so much to your fellow entrepreneurs! Be sure to check out Clarendon Chiropractic and how they create wellness and turnaround their patients’ well-being.

Shaun Black is the Founder of Koha, launching Fall 2017.

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