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Build tools. #amirite

Some Documentaries

Documentary might just have to be one of my favourite forms of film. Its not just because its real (most of the time), its something more than that. My favourite…

Learn all the things!

Ember, Angular, React or that other thing?

“What should I learn next?”

Get Over Here: A WebApp

Its on the Internet

Late last night I saw something dumb. It was an app that blinked various colours in order to get the…

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Some Documentaries

Music for the slashdot generation

Vim : You Complete Me

Despite a few bumps, you had me at hello

So, I sort of started my journey into really giving Vim a shot at being the editor replacement for Sublime in…


I guess you can say things are getting a little serious now.

“How do you know someone is a Vim user?”
“They’ll tell you”

Code Live: Railsbricks App

Building Rails apps even faster

Monday 8th December — 1:11am

Railsbricks is an app generator for getting off to a flying…

ICA : The GitShots

One of my last projects at SapientNitro was to build this social CRUD site to define the rules of Art. It was a responsive site, buit with Ruby on Rails on the backend and a Box2D on the front end. Why the need for a physics on the front end? Bubbles, thats why.

What I Wish I knew

I, Coder.

This is a republished post from a deleted blog.

I’m a massive Adam Savage fan. It’s not just Mythbusters, it’s…

Code Live : LFW Twitter Wall

I’ve been tasked with building a twitter wall for London Fashion Week. This is to only pull pictures in and I thought it’d be fun to sort of blog my thought process. I’ve got until Next week to do it, but I want to get something up and running by tomorrow.

4th Sept : 12pm

What’s actually wrong with Angular.js?


Now go build things.