$6,750 OBO

When you need to buy an airsoft gun for cheap, craigslist.org is there for you. When you need to buy a used car for cheap, craigslist.org is there for you. When you need to buy new rims for your car for cheap, craigslist.org is there for you. When you need to kick off your new lawn mowing services to new clients, craigslist.org is there for you. Craigslist.org is what I would call “my bro.” Craigslist.org has been there with me since the first day we met, and she has never let me down. Craigslist.org is super chill too, she can chill with my homies mail.google.com, laulima.hawaii.edu, webwork.math.hawaii.edu, theexpertta.com, and soundcloud.com and she never feels the need to go out of her way to get my attention, because she knows in the end, at 2 o’clock in the morning, I am all hers. Craigslist.org is a great way for locals in a particular area to come together and come to an agreement and become one. Craigslist.org is so good that everyone knows what it is; the website where people buy and sell things, and like any other legit businesses, some people do get ripped off. But to regular users, like myself, craigslist.org is more than “the place where I want to sell my broken Mazda3 that doesn’t start,” it’s a safe haven for us who are low on money or the ones who want to make a quick sale and conjugate with others who are just like us.

I can use Craigslist anywhere. In my room, in the bathroom, at Sakamaki Hall, at the Music Building, anywhere. I can even use it either on my phone, my laptop, or my tablet. It is easy as one, two, three. Step one, turn your device on. Step two, use your preferred internet browser. Step three, just Google, Yahoo, or Bing craigslist and the name of your city or county, e.g. “craigslist Honolulu.” Then the actual fun part, looking for what you want. You can either do it the fun and long way, or the boring and short way. You can click on one of the lists, or go directly to the search bar and type specifically what you are searching for. But as a person who has a short attention span, I like to hunt for my prey. I always boldly click on the “cars + trucks” in the “for sale” section, then click “All cars & Trucks (dealer + by-owner).” This is where I enter euphoria. All the possibilities are a click away. Cars ranging from $500 2003 Honda Civic SI *mechanic special* to $100,00 2013 Nissan GT-R Black Edition. From the cars section alone, the possibilities are endless. You can find almost anything you desire, and probably for cheap too.

I bought my first airsoft gun on craigslist. $250 used M4 ICS AEG, basically new because the owner treated it better than he treated his kids. And using the transitive property of equality, buying my friend’s Glock 9 airsoft gun, from which he bought from craigslist for $100 and selling it to me for $75, it was a deal I could not miss. Buying new original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, rims for my car for $500 flat, which could have easily have been sold to me for $300 a piece. A deal I could not simply, drive away from. Craigslist is also the place where my friend bought his beloved 2005 Infiniti G35 for a little over $6,500 and my other friend’s 2002 Lexus IS300 for less than $7k. Of course, the deals are only good if you do the research before making an offer. Somebody could be selling a used 2005 Subaru WRX STI, with 80% aftermarket parts for $20,000 and the actual selling price is anywhere between $10-$13,000 with OEM parts at very good condition. That is when you scroll past it or take a screenshot of the ad and post it in your group’s group chat then proceed to shit on the guy’s parade. Craigslist is not for the weak minded, there are people with items to sell that they don’t know the true value for, either incredibly over pricing it or underwhelmingly under pricing it, and it is your job to do the extra research needed to buy what you want for the cheapest price, and have the quality of it still be up to par. She encourages people to be self-directed and do the research on their own so they won’t get ripped off.

It wasn’t always intended for people selling their items. Craigslist was founded by Craig Newmark in 1995 as an email list to his friends in the Bay Area for upcoming social events. The list grew through word of mouth and people started using it to look for new job listing, and in 1996, the website Craigslist.org was born.

Craigslist.org is a great way to help people with not so much money to spend -- like myself, a broke college student -- to be able to afford some good deals on items with very good condition, mostly cars. Craigslist.org is like online shopping, but it actually involves making a purchase. Buying things from Craigslist is a form of catharsis, a new way of saying “fuck you” to taxes, shipping and handling, and the hassle of dealing with salespersons trying really hard to get you to buy their product so they can get some commision out of it. It’s the American way of establishing our dominance, to show that we have our shit in control, that we don’t need a loan officer slave to tell us what we can’t and can buy. To the guy selling his 1995 BMW e36 M3 2-door coupe for $6,750 OBO, kudos to you for letting us live the American dream, and letting the price drop down to at least $5k.