25th March 2019

What has been missing from this entire crisis is a clear, agreed-upon process. That process includes a People’s Vote/Final Say, but that needs to be the next step, not the end point.

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We are in the midst of a national crisis. Parliament has been set an impossible task of squaring the inevitable economic self-mutilation and geopolitical irrelevance that will likely characterise the post-Brexit UK, with the circle-shaped democratic will of the people. (A people whom, it has to be said, have been left behind by global economic forces, indebted by poor policy choices, punished by austerity, sidelined politically [I refer to the 2011 Alternative Vote], slurred as racists, and disengaged from a slowly integrating EU. Addressing each of those are all necessary battles — but for another day).

At hand is the paralysis in our parliamentary democracy. A product of our unwritten constitution — instead relying on Acts of Parliament, court rulings and convention — our national governance and decision-making system is meant to be an example of genius British eccentricity where common sense and the middle ground prevails with no need for formal arrangements. We could almost sort it over a pint. …

Shaun Fernando

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