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I saw a Utah vs GS game from the 6th row where Malone obliterated the Warriors. Malone almost never left the floor in that game. NBA players learn to protect their bodies and Blake was not going to last in the league putting himself at risk to create highlight fodder. Particularly when his shoving people in the back on offense and defense at the end of plays his first couple years was drawing serious ire from veterans. That plus dealing out humiliation dunks in meaningless games was not a recipe for a long healthy carrier as nothing gets you injured more than being 3 feet in the air going 20 mph through a throng of extremely buff dudes that think you are an ass. So besides loosing some hopps, he has wisely adjusted his game for good reasons.

To support the Blake point guard argument, and since that linked list of 6'9" guys pretty much consists of Magic:

Magic had a ball-handling guard next to him for much of his carrier to deal with the bring it up drudgery for half the game and played from much more of point forward back to the basket ball traffic control guy who could see and pass over defenders. It was not all fast breaks- these was lots and lots of threading the needle half court.. and was not a very good three point shooter. Blake could theoretically do that sort of thing I suppose maybe in the right situation with some ball handling help- (And the vid of meaningless through the legs dribbling was less a much than convincing argument that Blank could bring the ball up the court for 4 quarters in less than 10 seconds without getting stripped half the time)... But……anyway, with some ball handling help he could do some damge as a primary ball handler form the high post or further out… but he cant shoot threes…., so skip the further out bit.


Magic was Magic running in the open court. We have not seen that from anybody again- no matter what size- and not from Blake either. Mayby the Greek MONSTER will raise his game and push that archetype to a new level...In fact I think he will. But, as we and surely Blake must know every second of his existence, he has short arms, (and short legs too) in a league that is much longer than it was in Magic’s run. Playing point forward just off the elbow with all the defensive actions by hyper athletic 6'6" to 7' guys flying at him wont work night in and out anymore. As good as Blake is, he isn't as clever or nimble as Harden, and since his 3 is not good enough to put the gravity thing into play he cant do the create a mismatch thing as effectively from the 3 point line either.

So I dont think would be any where near the mind blowing point guard Harden was this year. And I’m not a Harden fan- I hate his flopping and grumpy sourpuss dopey Mc mopey- but the dude was killing it until just the last few minutes of the year. Blake is obviously really good, and might be a fine point guard but not that good. I don't think, but perhaps…, maybe not… Naw, probably not.

I dont anybody is going to throw down 120 mill to test this hypothesis. In fact-I do have a spare 120 mill and I know I am not going to.

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