We often forget that we were all created as human “beings” as opposed to human “doings.” The addage behind this is proof that our society has taught us the significance of always being busy, always doing something, never stopping to rest. The only problem is that this is causation for massive adrenal burnout. As actors, I find that it’s no different. You often hear about all of the actors who became successful and garnered fame and fortune, but you never hear about the ones that didn’t make it. I guarantee you that failure to realize any fulfillment is a result of IMBALANCE.

I write to you today because I don’t want any of you to end up like that. Believe me when I tell you, the old way of doing things is obsolete. Throw it out the window and find the balance in your life and career. When was the last time you just took a day off and did nothing but relax? When was the last time you cancelled all of your appointments and just said, “I’M GOING TO JUST BE TODAY.” I can’t tell you how many actors have thought that I was completely nuts by saying take a day off at least once or twice a week. But here’s the problem, when you don’t focus on just being, you’re focusing on the competition. If you’re focusing on the competition no matter how many roles you book, YOU WILL LOSE! The trick is to just get lost in the creativity as a performer and the mindfulness of being able to act on stage, on camera wherever.

I met an actress a few years back who had a resume that would make anyone envious. She had about 100 film credits and about 50 commercial credits. These were legitimate jobs she had worked, but there was something missing. When I asked, I was expecting someone to be super excited about all they have accomplished. All she could say was, “ALTHOUGH BOOKING THESE JOBS WAS AWESOME, IT NEVER GAVE ME ANY FULFILLMENT…AT LEAST NOT THE KIND I WAS LOOKING FOR.” I was taken aback, I had to admit. Here’s an actress who was living every actor’s dream and was as unhappy as someone who had nothing. I had to dig deeper to discover the real truth.

What I discovered was, “WE CAN ONLY EVER BE TRULY HAPPY WHEN WE ARE CREATING FROM THE HEART.” Our objective with every audition, job or anything else should be done from the heart without worry of the outcome. When you attach to an outcome, YOU INEVITABLY SET YOURSELF UP FOR FAILURE. By doing a million things until you pass out is not going to put you on a successful path. BUT, when you stop to take in the moment, enjoy the audition that the Universe offers you, the class or workshop, the meeting, wherever and whatever it is, embrace its wholeness. From there, just BE IN THE MOMENT! Everything that happens is no coincidence and is meant especially JUST FOR YOU! Your journey is tailored to bring you gifts, lessons and teachers. All you need to focus on is JUST BEING! BY JUST BEING, NOT ONLY YOUR SUCCESS, BUT YOUR JOY, FULFILLMENT AND HAPPINESS WILL BE PRESENT NOT ONLY IN YOUR ACTING CAREER, BUT IN YOUR LIFE.


Shaun Grant

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