When you woke up today did you feel like the greatest actor or actress on the planet? You may be wondering where I’m going with this, but I want you to think about it for a moment. What separates you from Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Amy Adams or Viola Davis? To be honest, outside of the obvious accolades, the only thing that separates you from them is the belief and confidence inside that you are the very best. THAT’S THE DECIDING FACTOR! YOUR INNER GAME AND HOW IT SERVES YOUR LIFE.

I can remember in an interview I watched with Will Smith a while back, he mentioned how even before he became a household name, he knew that he was a star before anyone else. Now at first glance it would seem crazy, but universal law states that our outer reality reflects our inner state. Every block or obstacle outside of you is only an obstacle inside of you that you need to overcome. Anything, and I mean anything can be conquered through patience and meditation.

So when you see some of the biggest stars on the planet, get excited. Why? Because you are only a few, couple or possibly one decision from being in the same place. My father in law who was a super successful investment banker once told me at dinner one time that the biggest thing to succeeding is: GETTING OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY. That’s it! Get out of your own way. Open up your heart and your world to what the Universe not only wants, but desires to give you. All of your dreams are possible. Start right there by recognizing that you are living in a dimension of perpetual possibility. Possibility is in your nature, and then it becomes probability which eventually becomes reality. So I urge you, believe in yourself like you never have before. Start right now in knowing that you have all that you need to not only be uncommonly successful, but abundantly fulfilled. All you have to do is choose. Make that choice today and wait patiently for when we’re watching you experience your moment of being the best Hollywood has to offer. I’m going to hold you to it!


Shaun Grant

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