Nate Parker, Bill Cosby and R. Kelly are What’s Wrong with Black Colleges
Crystal A. deGregory, PhD

I find the linking of Bill Cosby, Nate Parker and R. Kelly to HBCU’s a far reach. Are you saying that HBCU’s should lead the charge in denouncing these gentlemen? Are you saying that somehow the actions of these individuals are somehow tied to HBCU’s (not understanding that link). Especially Bill Cosby, since a majority of his transgressions took place 30 years before his donation to Spelman.. The Nate Parker situation only came to full light, AFTER his $20 million dollar deal to get A Birth of a Nation to the theaters and most definitely an Oscar nod. So I look at this with curious sense of your motive of writing this.

If you are an advocate of HBCU’s as you state then you would openly state that HBCU’s have more things to worry about than these three gentlemen. HBCU’s for over 150 years have built black respectability and continue to do so. I ask this question, so an engineer from an HBCU is somehow less respectable because of the actions of these three gentlemen? What about the rape case at Stanford University, a graduate from Stanford is somehow less respectable because of the actions of that guy? Not understanding how black respectability is being lost.. I am really not understanding, your motive in writing this, nor not understanding what even generated the thought process behind this article. Something is missing.

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