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The Dopediddley Adventures of Norm & Norm
Shaun Lind

Here’s a recap from the start of Norm & Norm up to Episode 9:

Norm and Norm are worms who live in an apple. Their apple gets plucked from its tree, carried indoors, and carved into a pipe for smoking, leaving them dazed, confused, and totally lost.

Inside this new house, things are different. After being taken hostage by a gang of house flies, a mysterious group of insects rescue the Norms and promise to help them get back outside. They lead the party toward the edge of the coffee table they’re positioned on, but before they can dismount, a swatter crashes down overhead. Guts fly and the group is ejected from the table to the carpet below.

In the carpet, the worms struggle to hold onto their wits, and a critically wounded mosquito requires a blood refill. The tattered insects regroup and carry on, commandeering a set of ants and riding for the air ducts.

Deep in the metal tunnels theyre welcomed into a lively bar. Drinks are had and Nergus laments her injuries but is grateful to the worms for saving her life. She draws them a map for escape, but before all that, they must go see the boss…

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