On Becoming Anti-Bernie
Robin Alperstein

Excuse me — but you couldn’t find economists who back Sanders? Really?

Gailbraith, Reich, Piketty (who is arguably the most important economist of our age!)? The other 160 or so that signed onto his campaign?https://berniesanders.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Wall-St-Letter-1.pdf

Oh — and the “Bernie Bro’s” — one word. Actually 2. One starts with B, the other with S. And it isn’t Bernie Sanders. I am on most site forums every day — and men attacking women for supporting Hillary? Bull. (Unless the woman can only cite that she is voting for Hillary because she’s a woman.) Furthermore, over half of Bernie’s supporters are women. So are we Bro’s in disguise, or are we self-hating? Or are we just voting for Sander’s because that is where the boys are? Is there a special place in hell for us?

Finally — “He is only running to capture the moral high ground” — REALLY? Because you prefer a candidate firmly in the pay of the same criminals who bankrupted our nation, takes money from Middle Eastern Despots (who in fact DO oppress women…) — and is 100% for selling more weapons to those nations?

I suspect that you were paid to do this. I expect that this is a purposeful hit piece. I know that you are one of the reasons America no longer trusts the media — this article is filled with lies and distortions — and you ought to be ashamed.