Thoughts On Being A More Effective Leader

Are you leading your team and the people you influence to the best result? In every situation you’re either leading the way or following along. In today’s post, I’ll cover a simple 3-step process you can use to more effectively help your team, yourself or even people you work with in your every day life.

Identify core needs, alignment and setting expectations

How can you best help your prospects or team members? The first goal you should have when someone comes to you is to set the expectation. This happens by asking questions. Let’s say, for example, someone comes to me because they want to learn how to market on Facebook. They’re looking for a solution to a specific problem, and in this case it aligns with what I have to offer, but in this case that’s too vague so we have to calculate what they really need.

We may have a quick conversation and in that time we may uncover that they have a $500 budget and are most interested in learning pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. We may also identify that they have tried PPC twice before and each time it didn’t turn out so well in terms of ROI.

In this first step we have taken the initial request and asked a series of follow up questions to identify their actual need – they need some help with Facebook PPC. But that’s just the first step.

Effectively coaching and developing your team

The second area you’ll need to focus on is coaching and/or development, however in doing this you’ll want to ensure you manage your time effectively. It can be easy to spend too much time managing your team, particularly as it grows, so you’ll want to ensure your finding a good balance of coaching and development while leveraging resources you have either already created or have available.

It’s the old “teach a man to fish” concept. You want to make a habit of pointing people to services, resources, products or information that will solve their need as opposed to personally stepping people through the task (unless you’re doing paid coaching).

For them to be successful in learning Facebook PPC, they’ll need to learn how to setup and optimize a campaign, how to setup bidding, how to target an ad, evaluate click-through-rates, etc. There’s a set of steps someone totally new to this marketing method needs to learn and understand.

Also, consider their current level of need and adjust your coaching accordingly. A more experienced person or someone who has done a bunch of PPC may be looking for specific answers such as how to write a better ad.

In that case, I may simply suggest a blog post or other specific resource to answer that question, but for someone totally new/overwhelmed/non-technical I may suggest a course on how to do effective Facebook PPC – It all comes down to identifying the need and providing an effective solution given their current need.

Holding Them Accountable

The final step to effectively leading, and many folks totally miss out on this, is to hold people accountable. You need to ensure the person you are helping actually understands what is needed, and takes the action that will benefit them. I’m not saying to chase people down, but rather give them a chance to get additional help if needed. I may have suggested the person who bought the PPC course to call me back after they finished the training.

At that point I’ll check to make sure they actually took the course and that they know how to proceed. Then I’ll give them another goal to reach to help them accomplish their objective.

I believe leadership is the continual process of influencing others to perform to the best of their abilities in relation to a given obstacle.

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