Shaun McGuire
Sep 1, 2017 · 3 min read

It is with great pleasure that we take this chance to pass our gratitude to our noble customers as we come to the end of 2016. We do not take it lightly that they granted us the opportunity to serve them throughout the year and look forward to continuing serving them in 2017 with more and improved services and products. In 2016, we have had over 65% customer retention and acknowledge that without them we could not have come this far.

In the coming year, we shall be changing a few things to enable us to serve our customers best and provide them with new products. This will be made possible by one major change we have made by relocating to a new place. Our 11 acres piece of land will allow us to expand and enable us to provide some of the products that customers have been asking for but we were unable to provide. Pictures will be posted after completion of the facility.

We have been selling packaging materials and packaging machines to our customers in the US. However, most of those customers have kept on calling us back requesting for contract packaging. The good news is that now we shall be able to offer the long awaited service to our customers comes 2017! For most people who have had problems in putting into account the cost they incur to buy packaging materials and machines and the labor involved, worry no more. We shall be making it much easier by doing it all for our customers such that the product is ready to be placed on the shelves for sale.

For this to happen, we shall be launching two new fully automated packaging machines to do that. This will enable us to have over 60, 000 products packed daily. Our Shipping Supplies are also efficient ensuring that the goods reach their destination without getting damaged. We aim to use a maximum of 48 hours to have the whole process done beginning from the time the products get to our facility to the time they ship out.

By March 2017, we hope to make a full announcement in regards to promotions and special offers for contract packaging. We also expect that by this time, our virtue showroom will be ready for use. The showroom will give our customers a chance to go around and have a view of our various machines until they get what they are looking for. After they get the machine they want, they will be able to have a proper view of the machine in 360 degrees by use of a video. The show room will help new customers understand the machines well and also reduce the task of having to ask questions that can be easily answered through the video.

Besides all that, we shall also be optimizing our website to allow easier navigation. However, the new design shall retain the same layout that is familiar to our customers so no confusion should be anticipated for. The new design will enable customers to search for machines and products easily and quickly.

We anticipate partnering with our customer in the coming year and as always remain open to any views and suggestions that can be sent to us through our email.

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