I try so hard to make it look like I am not trying hard to look like I don’t care about how I look.

Ironically I post a photo that screams look at me! Under this fake beautifying haze of smoke and mirrors I’m crying out for just one more like. . . Please!

How will I get it?

Maybe a caption that would make my shallow pose seem deep.

Maybe a caption that eludes to my mysterious side, especially seen as though there is absolutely no room for mystery in my paper thin almost non existent layer of almost clothing.

Private wear; underwear; in the bath(it’s just my legs); naked back( it’s just my back)

The most intimate of scenes on the most public of stages.

Maybe I can post a scripture to make my almost sexual maybe vain pose make a statement other than the truth behind the photo.

Please don’t judge me

All I want is for you to like me.

Just 1 more like.