Discussion Board Posting # 2 Myers Briggs

Shaunna Ray

· Were you surprised at the results of the surveys? Why/why not?

I was not really surprised at all by the results that identify me as an INFJ. The description of this personality type resonated clearly with me. I identify strongly as an introvert who is mistaken as an extrovert. I do find it necessary to regularly withdraw into myself in order to be myself.

· Do you feel the results of the survey are accurate to who you are as person? Why or why not?

I do think the results are an accurate assessment to who I am as a person. The results accurately described how I feel more at ease with self expression on paper rather than being able to accurately articulate aloud my thoughts and feelings.

· What strengths and/or weaknesses do you agree/disagree with and why?

I agree that my strengths are in being insightful and decisive. I feel like I can accurately assess most situations quickly bringing myself to a decision. I also agree that my larger weaknesses are being overly sensitive and that I can burn out easily. I can usually tell when a much needed break is coming when I become more sensitive to everyday things that would not normally bother me. That is usually when I feel the need/desire to retreat within myself.

· How can the information provided to you help you develop greater self-acceptance and awareness concerning your social, emotional and/or intellectual growth? Be specific and use examples to support your assertions.

I think this information provided is helpful to know how I project myself due to personality tendencies. Socially and emotionally, I know that I don’t readily share my thoughts and feelings it takes time for others to get to know me, so I know that I have to be aware of that and be sensitive to how others might perceive that.

· What do the results indicate about your career/interest preferences? How can this information help you?

The results told me that I am best suited for occupations involving substantial intellectual work that includes caring for people and requiring creativity. This is useful to me as it confirms that I am on goal path towards working in human relations, a path that is ultimately suited for my personality type.

· How did the results of the surveys make you feel? Did the results provide you with information that makes you uncomfortable or defensive? Why/why not? Be specific and use examples to support your assertions.

The test results made me feel good. I did not feel uncomfortable or defensive. I agreed with the majority of the results. I did not agree with being labeled as a perfectionist but I can agree that I once was one. I just believe that I have “outgrown” that. I enjoy a job well done but don’t easily fall apart or over stress over something that isn’t “perfect.”

· Are there aspects of your results you would like to change? Why do you want to change them and what impact will the changes have on your life? If there are no changes, why are you content with these aspects of your personality? Once again, use specific references in regards to your personality type.

I feel content with the aspects of my personality type. An INFJ is introverted feeling thinking judging. I feel comfortable in communication, knowing that I come across as thoughtful supportive and caring. I feel good about myself as an idealist that prefers completion and closure. This makes me a doer and a dreamer. I like this and also agree with it about myself.