islands discussion shaunna ray


· What is your first choice and why do you choose this island?

· Living on the selected island, what are your strengths and weaknesses?

· If you want to live a better life, what do you need from other people (the residents from other islands)?

My first choice is island S. I chose this island because I found this island to have people like myself. The central idea of this island, education and literacy, where the people are used to cooperate and help each other, with the majority being warm-hearted, kind and ready to help is a vital cornerstone to society. If you do not have a population of people with these ideals the rest of society would crumble. This also makes for an easier community because it really inspires a love of learning that is essential to establishing how to feed the mind and body

My strengths of living on island S would be my readiness to help with my organizational skills to provide systems for education, and other services provided on our island as well as establishing ways to fulfill our islands other needs with the residents of the other islands. My weaknesses living on Island S would be that I tend to be a behind the scenes type of person so it would be difficult for me to step out as a leader to establish these relationships from the other islands.

To live a better life on this island, island S the and the neighboring islands would need to be good neighbors and be willing to partner to make agreements for goods and services. All of the islands would need to contribute for all of the other islands to prosper and be a fully rounded and inspired society.