Shaunna Ray MTBI

MTBI Personality Test Self Evaluation Report

My personality type is “Guardian Protector” or INFJ. When reading the report, I found myself in almost one hundred percent agreement of the explanations of my personality, values, interests and abilities.

I agree with the explanation of the guardian that says that I tend to be helpful and dutiful and maintain a strong work ethic that can take me far. I believe this has happened in my life thus far. I started out in my current industry as a temporary employee and asked to stay, eventually switching companies and working for that company for the last nine years. I have held six different positions within the company and truly believe I have been kept through numerous lay-offs and buy-out events because of my willingness to learn whatever needs to be done and have developed a reputation among the managers as someone who will learn what I can to help and do it.

I am also a protector; one thing the report says about protectors is that I am very caring, yet people tend to see me as aloof, cold, or snobbish. I absolutely agree with this part of my evaluation as well. I have been told many times that I come across as unapproachable. This statement has always shocked me. I am not the most outgoing person, however I value conversations, making new and real friendships and finding ways to help others.

My strengths include a strong sense of responsibility, sincerity and sense of purpose. I love order and the knowledge that I am doing what needs to be done because I have policies and procedures to follow. I have experienced frustration when I have lacked concrete direction and can see how that being too rigid can make the end result harder than it needs to be. Another strength that I believe I also have is thriftiness. In all areas of life, work, home, school I look and have found ways to save money without suffering or wasting resources. I have found myself in several jobs throughout the years that have allowed me to learn how to be a conscientious consumer. Those have included a banker, customer service call center manager, property and casualty and life insurance agent, event planner and manager of a non-profit program within an organization.

This self-assessment has also helped me identify weaknesses that I see in myself such as not trying to do everything myself by delegating tasks to others. Also, to trust that others are capable of the same level of responsibility because guardians, who tend to be helpful and dutiful make up forty to forty-five percent of the population.

After reading my personality report and thinking upon the points in this self -evaluation, I feel strongly that I am pursuing the correct degree with the right plan for changes in my career. I already have identified about myself that I like to be in a background type position, one that keeps things running but maintains a day to day reliability of expectation. I am interested in launching a career in human resources where I can have structure, policies and procedures and at the same time be someone who is a natural choice as a go to for help in any situation.