The title itself makes me laugh.

Walking on the roads drunk at 11 am on a saturday…


Staying up till 4 am just to wake up at 7 am to make ur 8 am and turn in that paper you spent till 4 am writing…


Going all in for that guy/girl and falling hard for them just to find out they are seeing 3 other guys/girls….


Don’t get it twisted. I do not suffer from anyone of these… Maybe some.

The point im trying to get across is, college is not real life. It is another world. Its non-exsistant out of the confinement of the college culture itself.

No where else am I gonna drink repulsively because the sun is shining and I feel like a god damn beer.

But everyone knows college is like this. So what is the point of this story? What am I trying to get across?

My point is this: To all kids currently in college or about to attend, listen up.

Don’t let these next 4 years of your life fly by. It is easy to just drink, have fun, and do whatever assignments/tasks are brought upon you so you can graduate.

Remember, you are in full control of your life. Be passive-agressive. Have fun, experience college life, but have a plan. Know your direction.

Do not succumb to the whole work force theory, that you will get a degree and just become whatever your degree entails.

You are young, lively, and extremely intelligent. Use college as a tool. Learn from it, find yourself, and plan your life.

Also, sleep less. Trust me.

At the end of the day, life is short. Short when you are 60 years old looking back at your college days, but long when you are lying in your dorm writing a story while texting your date for tonights party.

Do me a favor, and keep one thing in mind:

College is a phase… soon enough, it will past.

So do as I do, and always stay one step ahead of the game.