The System

It is all a system. From the point you wake up, to the lingering moments before you drift off to sleep, you are apart of the system. The system is designed to keep us at bay. To keep the majority of people entertained, satisfied, and content with being a mere strand in this detrimental, cobweb of a system. I’m only 20 years old, and i’ve figured it out. I have figured out the answer, the escape route, the way to beat the system. In one of my journalism classes, my professor talked about the Daemon & the Resistance. The Daemon, known to be the genius in everyone, is constantly being hidden by the resistance. The system is the resistance. We are all being fed knowledge that weakens us. Every professor that ever told you you weren’t good enough, every person that looked down upon you, every individual that plagued your self beliefs, they are all brainwashed laboruers who merely put us back into the assembly line when we fall off. You need to escape. All of us do. Be the one who speaks out. Pursuit your goals with every amount of strength. Believe in yourself and be an indiviudal. Live your life in a way that gives you purpose.

Do you know why the system exists?

Because they are scared of you

and they should be.

Stop following the system — go change the world.

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