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We spent the last nine years developing facial recognition solutions and leading the industry in the responsible deployment of computer vision. What started out in Casablanca, Morocco as an aspiration for a smart, face recognition enabled doorbell led to a production facility in Medellin, Colombia, and offices in Dallas, Boulder, Denver, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

This is our community. These are our roots.

In the past few weeks, there has been a global spotlight on injustices which has caused the police’s use of facial recognition technology to come under scrutiny. This scrutiny stems from the reported bias of the technology. While some facial recognition providers have said they will no longer support police departments’ use of the technology, others have claimed they will continue to market and sell their technology to police.

What is missing from the statements of large providers like IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon is (a) an explanation of why bias exists in their facial recognition solutions and (b) what they…

Face recognition will now act as a tool of enablement for protecting our freedoms and personal data rights.

Published first on Biometric Update

Data privacy is becoming an increasingly important topic as consumers recognize the risks to their personal information being rapidly collected and monetized without their knowledge. The introduction of the California Consumer Protection Act is the first piece of US legislation that empowers consumers with the ability to lawfully moderate how their personal data is collected, stored, used and possibly sold.

After years of public debate, face recognition is becoming a tool businesses can utilize to comply with…

Face Recognition for Mobile Banking

The financial sector's need for technical innovation has reached fever pitch levels. Everyday financial institutions safeguard their assets against a constant deluge of attempted robbery, fraud, and hacks, each becoming more frequent than the last. These institutions are constantly testing new technologies to help them increase security in both digital and physical environments. Computer vision solutions, a subset of artificial intelligence, have proven extremely useful in early tests to increase security, especially facial recognition used as an integral part of multi-factor authentication. …

How do we stop facial recognition from becoming the next Facebook?

Originally Published on The Register by Kieren McCarthy.

Moore, from Trueface, is keen to point out that San Francisco didn’t actually ban the technology; it can still be used if the authorities get a warrant. This is true.

The decision is more of a moratorium: any local government authority that wants to use facial recognition will need to apply to do so, and be approved, before it can. That system will only be lifted when new rules designed to balance privacy and accuracy with technological ability are drawn up.

“We risk creating a Facebook situation,” he warns — where Congress feels obligated to act against a specific technology…

Christian Terwiesch Interviews Shaun Moore of Trueface on the future of identity management.

Originally Published on during an interview with Shaun Moore of Trueface

Determining the personal identity of somebody is a key step in many business processes. The Transportation Security Administration wants to identify passengers when they enter the airport terminal, and a user’s cell phone needs to confirm their identity to unlock. Wouldn’t it be nice if a doctor’s office would greet patients by name, verifying that they are using their own insurance policy? Facial recognition is a technology that has made enormous progress over the last few years, and our faces are now captured in countless settings. …

Trueface, the global leader in computer vision, today announced its Threat Detection solution. Capable of identifying a firearm in CCTV footage in real time, Threat Detection can be programmed to act as a silent alarm, immediately alerting the proper authorities when necessary. This technology can shorten crucial response times to minutes as it does not rely on a human (often the person who is being accosted) to call the authorities.

Trueface’s Threat Detection uses advanced computer vision technology to identify firearms as they are captured by surveillance cameras, thereby augmenting local security teams’ ability to act as quickly as…

Trueface CEO, Shaun Moore participated in a panel titled “How AI is Advancing Biometrics.”

Artificial intelligence is creating new opportunities to incorporate biometrics to streamline business. Learn about these opportunities that include features like voice technology, facial recognition and gesture recognition and how they are changing the game.

When a new technology emerges, we instinctually meet it with reserved apprehension. Twenty years ago, the idea of using your credit card to buy a book on the internet was laughable. Willfully uploading your own picture next to your birthday and current employment status seemed ludicrous. Now we do both without a second thought.

With time, familiarity and the right safeguards in place, these new technologies are accepted as inevitably more efficient, more secure, and the more convenient way of getting things done. …

Shaun Moore

CEO of Trueface

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