I’m not disagreeing with you that there is discrimination.
Allison Shea

White Supremism is the default. To “not be racist” does not reduce culpability.

Alison Shea writes “ And just because a person was born with white skin doesn’t mean they play a part in the white supremisist narrative.” I would respectfully disagree. White supremism is systemic and the default position. As a white person it requires 1) active participation in the destruction of systemic racism; and 2)surgical introspection to exorcise the deeply embedded white supremism reinforced through the subtle and overt racism that permeates our society, to even begin to reach a state of “neutral”. The internalised belief of supremism may be deeply hidden, but often exposes itself in the patronising and gushing attempts at political correctness and forced affirmative friendships - a vain and dishonest attempt to deny its presence.

The terrible extent of the system that has create a de facto state of white supremism is demonstrated in that even if you are born black, you are not necessarily “black”. You can be “non-white”, a person with black pigmentation yet still a slave to the white person and fuel for the perpetual machine of oppression. The white person is born into their pigmentation, and all the entitlement that brings. The black person must fight to claim their right to be a “black person”, the very cause of their oppression, and then destroy the presupposition of servitude*.

(*this last paragraph is heavily informed by the writing of Steve Biko, and I would not presume to have arrived here by independent thought, or to fully understand the travesty of this situation. )