Weight-Obsessed Kate On “This is Us” Is Not the Fat-Positive Role Model I Want, But Maybe That’s OK
Lesley Kinzel

I spent a long time writing about and studying body acceptance and Health at Every Size. I loved being part of that world. And then I got sick. And I needed a CPAP. And I got to be the age my mother was when she got breast cancer — and I couldn’t get a perfect mammogram because I didn’t fit the machine very well. And I started to lose mobility. I spent years — decades — fighting my body, then learning how to love it. And that love eventually lead to me doing something drastic to lose weight. And then I didn’t belong in that world anymore, because it’s hard to be there if you lost weight on purpose.

I’m still fat (I’m 5'9" and weigh 250 pounds), but I can be properly screened for breast cancer and I can breath when I’m asleep. All of that, I guess, to say that I appreciate the character of Kate in this show, but I hope that we get to see her come to a place of peace with her body that isn’t tied up in losing weight.

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