The Boy In The Psych Ward

My 9-year-old son was arrested, hospitalized for three months, and misdiagnosed twice.

Shaunta Grimes
May 10 · 11 min read
At Disneyland, about two months before he was arrested. Nick (on the right), age 9. (Photo: Author)


But seriously.

Nick, age four, with his sister. (Photo: Author)

When Nick was five, I knew what was coming.

Here’s how that should work.

The Psych Ward

Another, scarier diagnosis.

Nick with his sisters. He’s 11 here, about a year after he was released from the hospital. (Photo: Author)

Then the Easter morning when he was thirteen, he couldn’t lift his head.

This is where I get angry, when I think about this story.

Nick at 13, with his sisters. This is soon after his diagnosis, med free for the first time since he was six. (Photo: Author)

I had my kid back.

Nick, age 17, with his sister at her high school graduation. (Photo: Author)

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