Fuckup Night KL — Episode 2

There is two types of people on earth, one who love Star Wars and one who don’t. I’m the second and it’s kinda messed up to attend a FuckUp Night at the same day of the premiere where everyone is speaking in the Star Wars language.

Here’s some Star Wars Fuckup Stories by Maverick. Although I do not understand the scene but definitely lessons to remember.

  1. Never let a dude in a black suit get into your spaceship.
  2. When you got a bad feeling, you’re probably right!
  3. Don’t play hero!
  4. Great Actors + Sucky Script = Sucky Movie still
  5. Don’t play stupid.
  6. Don’t use the killer move twice in front of an indecisive employee.

In the latest FUN (FuckUp Night), we have stars in the house yo!

Speakers Episode 2 (by FUN KL)

Shamaine Othman, a comedian who is too fat to be an actress. Andrew Lee, a professional emcee who left his startup founded at 23. DJ Biggie, one of the most famous DJ in Malaysia don’t get paid for 2 years DJ-ing. And Jay Walia, Shout! Awards winner with 5MYR left in his pocket when he’s on stage.

What they say in FUN

First of all, I’m not mocking Shamaine about being fat and not able to be an actress, she said that by herself and she’s definitely good looking. She started with her boobs, that she can know a man by how he described them. A porn addict will call ’em tits, mommy boy will call ’em nennen and a man who call ’em boobie is secretly gay.

Shamaine Othman (by FUN KL)

Shamaine Othman always wanted to become an actress since she was a kid. When she first got into university, she didn’t finish her studies as she finds not challenging. Then she went to Monash University and focus on acting. When she came back to Malaysia, she got fat and all blame goes to the awesome Malaysia food (no kidding, Malaysia food’s the best!). She went to auditions but all failed because she is fat (TV industry’s judgement) and she admits that this is the biggest fuck up in her life.

After she lost the support from her parents, she had some day jobs and pursue her passion on the side. She joined Short+Sweet Theatre Malaysia but only able to work on weekends, then came a life-changing chance and she starts writing for productions. She became more active since then and founded Playground Productions, currently producing own TV series started from the budget of 500MYR.

In the other hand, Shamaine hasn’t acted so far but became a comedian instead, and the best part is that she’s using her fuckups as her comedy material (about being fat and single).

Life will bring you to where you belong if you learned from the fuckups.
— Shamaine Othman
Adrew Lee (by FUN KL)

Then we have the emcee from Penang (he did had ice breaking games before he starts sharing). Besides, Andrew is also a trainer, speaker, coach and voice talent at the same time. At the age of 23, he founded a startup to organise events and it’s when he first have the chance to become an emcee in order to decrease cost.

Don’t try to be a smart-ass (without smart, you’re just an ass) — Andrew Lee

First advice from Andrew, do not try to act smart. He shares his experience that he use to say yes to everything and there’s once he accepted a broadcasting job. It’s a mall having some kind of sales carnival and he attended the job without any preparation, all he brought is his water bottle and himself. He was fucked up as he is so lack of preparations even with the music (that he thought it’s not his responsibility), end up playing Spotify’s free music with ads.

He shares another fuck up experience. It’s a concert and it’s an unpleasant one due to his partner, a lady that keeps overtaking the presentation before he can finish his part. A right partner is crucial, it’s like looking for a soul mate he says.

Talking about why he started what he does, Andrew admits that he’s more an introvert. Although people usually thinks that exocentric makes a better performer but he disagrees. He’s inspired by Marilyn Monroe and gave examples that Lady Gaga, Emma Watson and Leonardo Dicaprio are introverts too but great performers. He encourages us to do what we like instead of listening to others.

Dinesh Kumar AKA DJ Biggie joined Playaz Universe DJ School when he was 17. He was first inspired by Beastie Boys when he watch Glasgow Live 1999 MTV, attracted by the guy mixing behind instead of the singer. He won his first championship and kickstarted his DJ career when he’s 19, it was very hard to have a job before that because he was too young.

DJ Biggie (by FUN KL)

He started to work very hard but doesn’t feel right about it. He then joined another club about a year later and found out that he fucked up as he didn’t treat it as a career, he just loves what he’s doing. End up he was bullied by employers that he’s almost playing for free, two years long.

In 2008, DJ Biggie founded KROOKZ, a man apparel’s brand and sold it later. He realised that his failure is caused by the people surrounding him, that they do not wish him to be successful. He got upset and started to doubt, wondered that should he continue. He took 2 years time and went to engineer school at the moment. Then he decided to continue his DJ career as he had been trough a long way and organised the biggest hip hop night in Malaysia in 2012.

He joined KARTEL Records, and got to where he is now, the peak of his career. He admits that there are fuckups during the first five years but he’s made it because he wanted it so badly.

Never stop dreaming because you never know when you wake up
— DJ Biggie’s best friend, Sonar
Jay Walia (by FUN KL)

The last speaker is Jay Walia, and his story is the most fucked up of the night. He’s an introvert and got bullied in school since young. He’s a law graduate but stepped into the entertainment industry when he’s 17, and his dad has not spoken to him since then (wanted him to pursue his career in law). His biggest success so far is Winning Shout! Awards in 2013 after working in the industry for 8 years, and he had only 5MYR left in his pocket when he’s on the stage.

Jay always wanted to be on TV, he sees himself as a host even when he makes music. In his opinion, he has to achieve something before he can get on to TV (especially 10 years ago when Youtube isn’t common). He has released two albums so far and both were recorded in his tiny little room. However, there were fuckups too. He once recorded a song for free to earn credit, got denied at the end. There’s another time where he got screwed by the producer that dump him a day before his record’s launch.

Instead of work hard & work smart, Jay believes more in Purpose (not the latest album of Justin Bieber). He believes that a strong purpose will lead us to the right direction. There’s a year that he’s diagnosed having chronic laryngitis and nodule and adviced not to talk and sing too much after removing the nodule, he would have gave up if he had no such strong purpose.

Although everything seems to be fine now, he is still having fuckups. Jay told us that his family spent tons of money to cover his album’s cost as it’s not getting promoted as much as expected. He appreciates much and believe that it’s the people around help nurture him to become who he is today.

More fuck ups await you and I my friends. Don’t fight it, learn from it.
—Jay Walia

Q&A Session

Shamaine left earlier due to double scheduled.

Maverick, Jay Walia, DJ Biggie & Andrew Lee (by FUN KL)

How do your family respond to your decision (to do what you do)?

Andrew: Both of his parents are teachers and they (even Andrew) thought he was going to study PhD when he decided to start a startup. His trick is to give big Ang Paos (red packet) to them during Chinese New Year.

DJ Biggie: Lost his mom when he was young but she always supported him.

Jay: Dad is stubborn about him not pursuing law but suck it up, don’t let anything stops you.

What triggers you to do what you do now?

Jay: He admits that he have no professional background in music. He just bought an 18.99MYR mic when he’s 17, it just snaps and started doing what he do.

DJ Biggie: He’s pissed that the older generation never give chances to the younger generation and he wants to show them what he is capable of.

Andrew: Never imagined himself on stage. There’s one time when he was a child, he’s too afraid to share in the church and hid in the toilet. It’s probably why he wanted to challenge this path for awesome qualities.

Do you think the entertainment industry can be like startups, to be more collaborative and open to share/coach?

Jay: Everyone is able to produce music all by themselves nowadays due to the convenience of tech. That’s why he likes the tv/movie industry more, it’s more collaborative. He believes that teamwork produces better products.

andrew, it started slow but it’s started.

DJ Biggie: He does share/teach willingly, he believes that it’s a good thing to do and confident enough that he is unique after all.

Andrew: In the entertainment industry, it’s usually individual's performance/branding. But he sees change in the industry too, that there are groups started to collaborate.

It’s easy to get excited on an idea, something you wanted to try. But how do you keep yourself inspired to motivated?

DJ Biggie: Surround yourself with good energies and people, especially people nearest to you. Honest opinion is crucial.

Andrew: It’s lucky that his work as an emcee is by project basis. Each project will keep him boosted by bouncing back the hype he created to the crowd.

Jay: This is why he believes purpose is so important. When we are working for ourselves, off days are limitless, and every day is off day without purpose. As the opposite, it will be the first thing you woke up and the last thing before you sleep.

How to stay on track in a high creative consuming industry?

Jay: He takes his craft more serious than himself, whenever ideas pop up, he works immediately, it’s not a daily job from 9am to 5pm. He explained, it’s something embedded in you, that you will scarify anything it takes. Keep stimulating and developing yourself.

DJ Biggie: Half way drunk is his best condition and keep will always keep a note book near and jot down the ideas that appear. You’ll have to plan about it even it’s a great idea.

What would you do when some cat videos (millions view) get more recognition than the work that you’ve worked so hard?

Jay: It’s very subjective in the entertainment industry, no people will sue bad music and there’s people offering free performance for exposure. As a performer, you have to do more market research and make a good brand out of yourself. He encourages corporates to get involved too.

Andrew: Most of the time talents don’t appreciate themselves enough and sabotage the market by accepting jobs in a low price (for exposure/ experience). Both clients and talents need educations.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years time?

Andrew: Hope to see himself on TV, being a Tv host is where ultimately he wants to be.

DJ Biggie: It might take more than 3 years but he wants his own program on the radio and own the most popular club in KL. Then retire on some beach.

Jay: 2 or 3 more shows on TV, so his ex will see him no matter on which channel. Probably try something in the tech industry with his younger brother and build a brand for himself.


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