Getting started with Google Vision API on NodeJS (Text Detection)

Machine learning is an amazing tool whose reach has the potential to tap into all forms of technology. It’s a method of data analysis that identifies and interprets patterns; a powerful ability in the hands of the innovative. Just as how the advent of or Microsoft OS revolutionized technology into what it is today, machine learning is another tool that can completely refashion the standard of computational works.

Google, a leading developer of Machine Learning technology, has released an amazing set of its own Machine Learning tools for developers to use, one of which we’ll be learning how to set up- Google Vision API. It’s a fantastic tool that allows developers to have access to a developed system with the capabilities and power to decipher any given image into content. All this power, in a single REST API call.

The methodology for using Google Vision is incredibly simple. Credentials. Implement. Call. Interpret. So throughout the rest of the article, we’ll take these four steps one by one, so that we can get our projects ready to interpret images.


The first thing we have to do is to setup Google Credentials to allow you, the developer, to have access for Google Vision API. Some recurrent terms and ideas to bear in mind are API key, billing.

Google Cloud Console is a platform for you to create projects packaged with Google’s machine learnings tools you’ll need for this project. So for now, go ahead and create a project by selecting the *new project* button under the “select a project” drop-down list.

Before using any Google cloud tools, google requires you to have billing enabled. Go to the navigation bar at the left side of the page and under the billing tab, add a billing account.

Once billing is ready all your projects are ready to go. So go ahead and go back to the navigation bar on the side and under the API’s and Services drop-down menu, click on Credentials to create your credentials. Select the project you made

The first thing you’ll need to do is to set up Google Cloud Vision API

In order to access and use Google Cloud’s Vision API library, it requests credentials and an API key that verifies your usage of their systems. Go to, and login to your Google account.