A Radio Love Story

Once upon a time, seven months ago, I began my journey in the Radio Arts and Entertainment Broadcasting program at BCIT. It was exciting and thrilling meeting a new set of amazing people. It has been a mere seven months and I have made strong friendships with many, but there are two individuals that stand out more than others. I’d like to introduce the noble Amy Edwards of Comox Valley and fair lady Hannah Dobie of Deep Cove. The program thus far has been nothing but a great learning experience. It is very hands on in all aspects and I’m enjoying it very much. Above all else, I’m enjoying the moments with all my fellow classmates. Amy and Hannah have become constant fixes in my life and it’s been a whole different learning experience on its own. Alongside these two phenomenal women I have learned the importance of laughter. When the stress of the work load becomes too much, a laugh shared with these gems is the perfect remedy. It is a reminder that while I am here to learn, I am also here to love what I do and enjoy the ride along the way. So far, I can confidently say that these past seven months have been some of the most rewarding months. Not only have I developed new skills like editing, producing, script writing, on-air performance, and more; But I have also developed great and lasting friendships that have reminded me the importance of loving what you do. While I can say I have fallen in love with our friendship, I can also say I have fallen in love with radio as a result of all the friendships made.