Let Me Take A Selfie

For the past 3 months and for the next year really, I will be working on a Capstone project. With the endless possibilities of the change we’d like to see in society my group had decided to tackle the selfie epidemic. What is a selfie? Why it is simply a picture, no harm no foul, right? Wrong! Or at least for now that is wrong. Really, our group noticed that in recent years there has been a frenzy with the amount of selfies taken, and there’s not a problem with that really, the problem lies with what people do with these selfies. Most people post them on social media and share them with their followers. Except after doing some research we have come to realize that many people specifically post in search of validation which in turn affects people’s own perception of themselves. Self-worth is sought through likes from strangers in a virtual world and that hardly seems right. Our group sees the value in technology and how beneficial it can be to our world but we also realize that there is a thin line between using social media for ones own benefit to letting social media dictate how one is to live their own life. With all the information we gathered, the creation of our project, Generation Selfie, came to be. Our goal is not to bash social media, because as mentioned before it can be beneficial. Our goal is to educate today’s youth on how to properly, effectively, and appropriately use social media so that it doesn’t negatively affect them. So check back for some updates every now and then, and in a year the completion of our project will come life.