Lights, camera, action! All the perfect glitz and glamour that Vancouver Fashion Week has to offer. This year for Vancouver Fashion Week, I decided to dig a little deeper and get to know a few of the designers. I had the opportunity to get together with the amazing designers for 2 different collection and interview them. I had the pleasure of sitting with the youngest designer for Vancouver Fashion Week this year, Elana Wallach of ELennon Designs. Her charisma and quirkiness is showcased in her collection. What I loved most about Elana is her commitment to make her collection accessible for all body types. Being someone who has battled with eating disorders, she empathizes with those who also struggle, and aims to help them through her designs. At 16, Elana is an inspiration to young women everywhere.

Sitting down with Maneli Nourbahksh and Anahita Faghih in a quaint and cute coffee shop ,that I later came to find out Maneli’s mother owns, was the perfect setting for a casual laid back interview that fit the designers themselves. While I had the opportunity to get to discover more about the line itself, I also had the opportunity to get to know the designers themselves. Both women showed a passion for traveling and realized that ultimately. their inspiration for their line and brand stems from all their travels. Inspired by the architecture, art, and culture of each and every place they visit and being able to put it all together to make up a travel-friendly brand. What makes Aiki District exclusively unique is the brands determination to develop a line made up of wrinkle-free materials, and above all else be as eco-friendly and green as possible. Both Maneli and Anahita have previous experience in the fashion industry. Maneli and Anahita have been involved in many other fashion shows all over the world while working for other designers. Presently, Maneli is also the fashion director at John Casablancas Institute. The duo’s background in the fashion industry has prepared them for their own success.