HELLO WORLD!! (terminal pun)

So, I survived my first week of coding bootcamp!! Barely….

I can truly say that I am truly in love with coding(or at least I am saying that now) The first week has been about as smooth as smooth can get. Our first week has been about learning the command line(which wasn’t too hard, having just minimal exposure to it made it a little easier to grasp concepts,) Git and Github(a whole nother rabbit hole,) html, and CSS.. That’s a lot for just week one. THEN our weekend assignment was to recreate a YouTube page(based off of The Matrix movie so it was more enjoyable for me since that is one of my all time movie trilogies.) I realize that coding in itself is a bunch of rabbit holes in it’s own matrix. It is truly harder to conceptualized the idea of which direction I want my project to turn when you can’t ask a family member or friend with help. It’s hard for me to understand this gibberish sometimes.

I have learned that the internet is truly my best friend and blogging(something VERY new to me) will be my go to for anyone that choose to read this, that if you too are starting out new in coding, that the reward is surely rewarding when you firgure it out..

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