Job Hunting so far..

So it’s been about two months since I’ve graduated from The Iron Yard in Front end Engineering. Still on the job hunt with high hopes but an emptying pocket. Lol I have applied to maybe over 60 job postings across San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Denver, and Atlanta. I’ve gotten “Thanks, but no thanks.” replies back from about 20 of them. Rejection has gotten a little easier knowing it comes with the territory.

I think I have been a little more hesitant to really leave the San Antonio area because most of my family is here and the cost of living is pretty darn inexpensive compared to the other cities. With Atlanta being the closest to the market. The market for junior web dev positions is relatively smaller here in San Antonio, but that doesn’t deter me. I have kept my options open to other places.

It has become increasingly harder since the close of our San Antonio campus of The Iron Yard. It almost feels like half my creditability has actually disappeared. I don’t feel the support anymore from the school. Honestly, when I was in school I still felt like our San Antonio campus wasn’t really high on their list of campuses to watch. We were overshadowed by Austin, Dallas, and Houston. We didn’t get to have that growth that San Antonio needed. Since the only other code school that has roots here is Codeup.

As I continue to apply and keep working on my skills, I will never lose hope. The right company is out there and it will come in time.