With Coding Bootcamp Behind Me and Job Searching in Front….

So I wouldn’t really call this much of a blog. I’ve been out the scene a little bit and need to get back to blogging more. After finishing The Iron Yard at the end of February, I needed just a little rest before I went back in to start working on my résumé, portfolio, business cards, MYSELF(lol.) among other things. I’ve been on the job hunt for a couple weeks now and so far, not much luck with it. Will I say that they did warn me about recruiters but I didn’t know it would be this bad.

I’ve probably had about 12 recruiters contact me, maybe 2 that ultimately “kinda” kept in touch, and 0 luck after skype interviews and person to person. I need to try a different approach and I decided to take a trip up to Austin and talk the Campus Director of The Iron Yard Austin campus. I’ll meet with her on Wednesday and we’ll see how that goes since Austin is considered the Silicon Hills of Texas. Maybe I’ll have better luck there.

Job searching is just as hard as bootcamp was because your not just looking for a job, while still attending the life that you kinda left for three months to attend the bootcamp but now keeping the skills up in the meantime until you get hired is harder. I started a account on Free Code Camp to keep my skills up with JavaScript and maybe learn a little back end in the process. I’ve been wanting to learn either Python or PHP next. Maybe I’ll write about it in my next blog.

Well, I guess I should get back to filling out a couple more applications to get the ball rolling. Let’s get this back into my court now shall we.. Goodnight for now and signing off..