Chaos was the law of nature. Order was the dream of man
Jon Westenberg

I wouldn’t call the entire universe as a state of chaos.

It is well ordered and follows a set of laws. Gravitation creates stars and planets. Stars are giant energy factories that are well controlled by gravitational force and nuclear forces… push pull.

The chaos that exist at certain times mainly comes from an imbalance of energy. But that is also an ordered process. Think second law of thermodynamics.

Humans want to bring order that is really an attempt to control the orderly changes that the universe/world undergo all the time. We want to keep the things we make then same forever. Yes everything around us seems to be born and then decay. But it is all according to a set of laws about the interaction of energy and matter from micro to macro scales.

I would state that the initial big bang is probably an event that can be classified as chaos.

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