This is Psychological Warfare
Sarah Cooper

He brought a laugh track to a tomb. That was the CIA memorial wall for agents lost in action, those stars, without names, behind him. The Agency was not amused. I can assure you that those were not CIA personnel laughing.

I have friends who are retired IC or IC or family of IC and everyone I have spoken to who is free to speak is openly appalled.

But let me mention one more thing. The last president invited to address the Agency in that room was Bush Jr. His dad had headed up the CIA, and he had reason to know the space was solemn ground.

Trump has called these folks Nazis, blamed them for yellowcake which is a bit ridiculous -- the White House was told that intel was unreliable (that’s public record at this point), but they had an agenda (and technically, that was intel from the State Department, not the CIA) .

He accused another part of the IC, his personal detail, the Secret Service, of “leaking” the Buzzfeed document that had been bouncing around press circles for months. Someone hand the man some Dale Carnegie.

But the wall… he comes to a chapel for the honored dead with a living laugh track. One might think the CIA was trying to impress upon him that they were patriots. That agents died for our country. That he should take them as seriously as when he insists that liberals respect our troops (um, we do generally, I’m an Army mom…).

And he failed. It was so tone deaf. It honestly makes me wonder if, like some talk radio host demagogues before him, our president hasn’t fallen into a prescription problem and seriously impaired his judgment.

How could he pay so little attention? If he does this to our own, what missteps will he do with entangling us in some insane war with China?

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