shava23 1st I at no point advocated for running to the middle.

I’m sorry this has me worn out.

Everywhere I go, talk, read, or write, I find Bernie supporters telling me that they are willing to take the resources of the party, but they are not interested in getting any education.

By this, what they mean is that they are not interested in sitting down and listening and pondering that it has been many generations of work to get things to this place and that this has not been many generations of old evil corrupt people trying to screw this generation out of their birthright, but consistent generations of people being young, idealistic, and struggling for their time to try to clean things up while other people were trying to screw things up so they could make more money and take more power.

It doesn’t seem to make sense to this generation of young people that each generation before them has dealt with many of the same problems. Everything must be their new problem, never been seen before, and we were the ones to mess it up for them because we just can’t see how simple it must be to tell these people in DC to STFU and fly straight.

As an elder-American I am increasingly incensed that there is a madonna-whore aspect to this campaign — Bernie is the good elder, and the rest of us are the bad old people who are their parents and grandparents who were the ones who tried to dump their generation(s) in the crapper, and don’t deserve an ear because we aren’t with the program.

Do I want to educate people? I started out this election season that way, and was abused, yelled at, insulted, spat on, and called every conceivable name you could imagine, many of which did impugne my sexuality and intelligence and integrity in ways you can hardly imagine. I have spent decades teaching young people civics and organizing, and I am about done in by this crowd who are at least allowing a loud wedge to drive off any good will they might have attracted.

When you approach me, in apparent goodwill, I’m porcupine quills outward because of what’s been my experience.

There comes a time when you stop and throw up your hands, and say, “This is a lost cause.”

The Democratic Party has in my lifetime had many waves of peaceful insurgencies, and this is not one. This is a rot like the Christian Right was to the GOP, and Goldwater’s calling it out probably didn’t help them either. The Tea Party is more of the same and a nail in the coffin.

I’d hate to see a nail in ours. The GOP “stole” the Dixiecrats away from us and it was nearly a relief, like a cancer removed, and contributed to this tragedy they are experiencing today because they would not speak openly regarding the culture of their big tent.

We should speak quite openly regarding ours. It should not open to people who are not reform minded, but come in with open hatred and lack of understanding for the political process, compromise, statecraft and diplomacy. Otherwise we will follow that same primrose path as the GOP who are run by an LCD populist mob with no political literacy, no interest in foreign cultures and foreign affairs, and who live in a urban myth-filled cultural flatland our partners abroad find shocking.

Yes, Bernie’s folks have different myths, but it’s the same morphology. They go after their opponents like a rugby mob, they dox people, they work on a two week horizon at best, they look for signs and portents, opposition hardens them, I could go on.

Call me Cassandra. But I’m not going to sit by and watch things go down in silence either.

This is a campaign that claims it wants to unify, but as most utopians do, it wants to unify by squashing any voices that are out of harmony. Utopians of any stripe scare the hell out of me — they are capable of great extremism, great sins of commission and omission.

This is a year voters are being told we can make America great again in various ways that are utopian turn arounds. We are calling for utopian changes. And that means a call to extremism, in a time when life is not so stable to being with.

What I want is for Bernie to take a chill pill and educate his own people. Would that be too much to ask? Get them integrated. Help them understand what you and I already know, hmm?

But if he asked them to slow down and commit to reform rather than revolution, he’d lose half of them. So he won’t.

Don’t look at me. It’s rotten at the root, because he wants the votes, the power, and their money.

And boy, howdy, wouldn’t that bust their bubble.

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