The Anti-Climactic Paradox of White Supremacy

An epic irony of fallacies

On the helm of the announcement of Harvard’s most diverse freshman class in nearly 400-years, just below the Mason-Dixon line on the campus of University of Virginia (UVA), a White Supremacist rally ensued. And it’s not an overshadow of the other, this is simply America doing exactly what it does best — contradict itself.

*cue in Alanis Morissette*
Isn’t it ironic…

See, only white America jeered at this plot twist that loomed Harvard’s faux diversity. The same white America who believes they are the “pure” race, in tandem with those who “don’t see color,” and want black and brown folks to kumbaya but are quieter than a church mouse with regard to this terrorist rally. Yep, I said it, issa terrorist rally because that’s exactly what it is — an act of terrorism. It’s the cornerstone of this country, the foundation that built this land, but, you knew that.

You’re also aware that WWII is directly related to the Holocaust, a war which this country fought for 8-years. So one can imagine the paradox seeing an American and Nazi flag sewn together with craze white folks screaming “white power.” Clearly, they failed History.

White Supremacy holds tight to this pure race ideology; however, the irony is that white folks were NEVER the only race, nor the original race — ever.

But, for all intents purposes, I’ll entertain this dumbass notion. Let’s defer the ignorance that folks on that side of the Earth couldn’t fathom the idea of there being other people, let alone, darker-skinned people, who live a month’s trip south by boat.

Y’all can have that one; however when the forefathers of black and brown folk showed face, whose idea was it to enslave nations of people who had their own shit? Whose idea was it to believe they had a RIGHT to usurp the land of the Kings and Queens who’ve lived there for centuries? Who gave y’all carte blanche to burn, rape, maim, shackle, and ship humans as cargo, to an unknown land, have them as your workers and treat them as if they’re less than you?

Who gave you permission?

And don’t say God told you cause that’s a lie. Hell, the Middle-eastern Jesus you pray to daily couldn’t even get passed TSA because he’s labeled a terrorist. Doesn’t help that he’s darker than you. And that man bled and died on the cross for your damn sins — the irony.

White Supremacy is a paradox, this anti-climactic narrative equipped with oxymorons, repeat characters, and disjointed plot points. The platform, aka “make America great,” is a sham
a fluke
a load of blasphemous rhetoric
a shit ton of cockamamie that makes no sense and will NEVER make sense.

What about America isn’t great? Oh wait, it’s you! You’re the reason why America isn’t great. You started this shit. No one told your asses to come here and bring over ship loads of melanin while you infiltrate, steal, and ostracize the people who were here before your ass showed up.

How can you make the claim of a “pure race” when your forefathers came to this new world and raped every black, brown, and red body with mammary glands they saw fit to desecrate? How can you say black lives don’t matter when the very nipple you spit on, nursed your great-great-great-grandpappy? Oh, you forgot about that one drop rule, eh?

This stale ass story constantly shoved down our throats is consistently regurgitated back into your face as a reminder to clean up the shit you made. Just own it. Own the fact that your ancestors fucked up. Own the fact that the Confederate loss. Let it go. It’s old shit. You want black and brown folk to stop screaming racism, well, stop gathering outside of educational institutions screaming black lives don’t matter.

Some folks call that a walking contradiction.

Guess what, y’all hate THIS America so much, create your own damn colony and leave the rest of us in peace. But don’t go hit up the Caribbean, cause they’re black over there too. And they’re brown over in Guam and Hawaii’s still part of America despite it being in the middle of the Pacific. I mean, you can catch a flight west to Thailand, the Philippines, or Taiwan, but guess what they’re brown over there too. Hell, they’re darker than my high-yellow ass.

Here’s a note: next time you want to shake up a campus and light up the night sky with fire, try not to misappropriate the Tiki torch ‘cause those originated from my Polynesian brothers and sisters who just so happen to be brown af.

The rest of y’all act like this shit is new. You continue to turn a blind eye to it and act as if you have no clue to what’s going on while your colleagues continue to make a fool of this country. Meanwhile, the idiot of a president you voted in pacifies this behavior to maintain his approval ratings which are already shot to shit.

I’m done with this story of white supremacy.

The narrative sucks. It’s boring and stale with no oomph. Bland, lackluster, invalid, un-fact-checkable, horrific, narcissistic, psychopathic, and sociopathic.

Is that the type of legacy you want? 
Is this how you’re raising your children? 
Will this be the epic tale you pass down to your heirs, contradictions, and lies?

It’s a sad day for America — land of the mentally enslaved; home of the cowardice.

She’s tired of holding herself up for an entire race of people who’ve blasphemed upon her breast. Soon it’ll be just like Pac said, the ground will open up and swallow the people whole. Those people, o’ ye white supremacists, are you.