Why I Am Voting for Hillary Clinton; The Smell of Napalm the Morning of November 9, 2016
Jerry Saltz

Thank you for your reasoned and heartfelt writing in support of Clinton. After reading Carl Bernstein’s book, “A Woman in Charge,” in 2008, I became an enthusiastic fan. Hillary Clinton has accomplished amazing things, beginning in her college years, and she has been ruthlessly attack by both sides for all of her professional life. Many believe she killed Vince Foster but don’t know that she turned around Arkansas’ failing public school system. How many think she stole the White House furniture but haven’t heard that historian Garry Wills called her “One of the ten most important scholar-activists in the past two decades,” based on her Yale post-graduate writing on childwelfare. Thank you for your rich, articulate, and humorous voice of support!

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