Oh dear! Isn’t your life a bed of roses?

This times article/blog post (what ever you like to call it) is something that got me thinking. It’s nothing technical nor is it anything about writing. Here we go!

When I was a kid I had this idea that life was like a bed of roses. Running around flower bushes, opening the windows early in the morning singing out loud, have everything done for you, and the list goes on. Boy (or Girl) was I wrong! Don’t get me wrong, I love my life but a few days back while talking with some dear old friends a few things struck me.

Everybody in this world goes through their fair share of troubles. This was said by a pastor who I met last week: “Every person you meet belong to one of the following categories

  1. Already in a problem
  2. Just going into a problem
  3. Just coming out of a problem”

Do you know this or do you think it’s only you that go through problems? Most of us are blinded by our problems and don’t care at all about what’s happening in another persons life (I might be wrong).

Everyone hits rock bottom on and off

Yes, definitely nobody is living on a bed of roses. Not even your worst enemy (you are probably wishing they have a tough time, right?) and not even the person you think that has it all.

During the recent conversation with my friends, I was surprised to find out how much one of them have gone through. I had no idea she had so much to juggle in life because she was this cheerful, happy person. She explained how some days were very tough but she has the strength to smile and face the day by God’s grace.

We all have friends who are bubbly and cheerful on the outside. We never think that they will have a bad day. Guess what they hit rock bottom and they might not want to show it or tell you. So try to be nice to everyone. If you are not a person who can be nice, just try to keep away until you have that instilled in you (just kidding…but you can consider it).

Everyone is fighting their own battle

One time a colleague (let’s call this individual, Alex) was really rude to everyone and just wanted attention. Naturally, I resented Alex because of what I heard of her. One day, Alex did not look her self, so I went up to her and asked if everything was alright. That’s when I got to know about the hardships she face. It was a real eye opener for me as to why judging a person without getting know them before hand can be so wrong.

Have you ever come across a situation, where you frown upon someone just coz you didn’t like their first impression or because of what you have heard of them? Well I have done it and am guilty of it. But guess what, if you try talking to them you realize what amazing people they are (ok, some might not be that nice). Just try a simple “Hi”. So try not to judge people. Human race can be so judgmental, letting go of it will transform you.

Don’t engross too much on your hurts alone

People make mistakes. That’s coz we are human and definitely not perfect. Yes, that means each and everyone has got hurt by someone and we have ended hurting someone else too (buzzz). We are too engrossed on how much we hurt that we forget to see how our actions hurt someone else.

Next time you are hurting, just try to think why that person did something to you and if you had done the same thing to someone else. It can be a real eye opener.

So summarizing this boring post :), let’s try to be a bit more aware of what’s happening with our colleagues, friends, life partner’s, parents, siblings … lives. This is going to go into my bucket list (why not?). Some of us are pretty strong and can manage these situations pretty well, but some of us are not that strong. Let’s be there for each other and support each other in the journey of life. It will be fun to have good walk together!