Warrior Won: How A Powerhouse Yogi Demanded — And Got — Her Worth

When it comes to leadership — corporate, political, nonprofit or community — women are on the verge of a collective evolution. By interviewing over 150 executives from a vast range of backgrounds, experiences and various industries, I have uncovered six common pillars of leadership that propel women forward and upward, personally and professionally. They are: Owning Her Purpose; Owning Her Voice; Owning Her Emotions; Owning Her Feedback; Owning her Conversations; and of course, Owning Her Evolution. Each Forbes article I write will feature the story of a woman who has leveraged one of these key pillars in her own journey and sharing the opportunity in how you can do the same.

(Photo Courtesy of Katie Brauer)

My first article features Katie Brauer, an executive yoga powerhouse who knows exactly when it is time to demand your worth in the workplace. Katie shares her solid, easy-to-follow tips to objectively assess your own professional situation and seize your next opportunity.

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