30something woman… My ode to NOLA

As a 34 year old woman, wife, mother, college graduate, somewhat of a professional, working class, hot mess, I cant confidently figure out what the 30–40 year old woman “looks like”

We have a general idea of what a typical 20 something “looks like” and does. We tend to have an understanding of what the 40–50+ year old woman “looks like” and what she is into, but this 30–40 year old range is as mysterious as my favorite city; New Orleans! Mixed up like a big pot of gumbo, with the endless possibilities of being a soccer mother, a wife, single, career focused, on the career hunt, single mom, divorced, … There is this preconceived notion that all of these things are not possibilities for women in their twenties, and should have been established or finished before the 40–50+ years.

The great reality of this mystery is as plain, yet satisfying as a fresh beignet from Café Du Monde. Being a woman at any age level can “look like” whatever it is supposed to look like for that woman!

Similar to a delicious bowl of red beans and rice, some may gradually take in all of the flavors and essence of the roux, similar to graduating college, traveling the world, starting a career, then starting a family. While others may dive right in and grab a spoon full of the delicate fluffy rice, flavorful roux, tender red beans, and juicy sausage, can be compared to the busy married or single mother/wife, that has a career, a home, and long term goals established. OR, life can be compared to Bourbon Street. Full of twist and turns, tons of moving parts, all marching to an overarching rhythm. Everything on Bourbon Street has a purpose and a significance that only a person with a superior understanding can appreciate, and that person is you. We spend too much time trying to perfect the predetermined recipe for life that we forget to live and let it flow.

While on the quest to figure out just what is a 30 something woman supposed to “look like” or what is she supposed “to be doing” my favorite city reminded me that she is supposed to be doing whatever she wants, moving to her own rhythm!

Always let Peace & Love Lead

Mrs. Cammack

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