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If Software is going to eat the world, then Artificial Intelligence (AI) is clearly it’s teeth. Today, the most critical enterprise trend is deploying AI to make products and services better, faster and cheaper. That is why 86% of CEOs say AI is mainstream technology in their office, and as of last year, 39% of large companies planned to invest in AI.

The problem is, before FatBrain, AI was being deployed by only large global organizations or government agencies.

Our mission at FatBrain is to deploy AI-based solutions for ALL enterprises simply and powerfully through an industry’s first intelligent subscription model advancing double and triple bottom lines.

It is our belief that EVERY business in the WORLD will need AI to help them think, build and grow their businesses. We have created the software, the services, the framework, and processes internally and with our clients externally to change the game forever for organizations looking to embrace the future with AI.

We have worked with leading organizations worldwide and scaled our technology to enable billions of daily transactions with Bank of America, half-billion daily broadcast tweets with Comcast, hundreds of millions pounds of poultry with Pilgrim’s Pride, and hundreds of thousands of emails and texts with Samsung, to cite a few. Now we’re taking the same advanced data and software technologies and making them widely accessible to millions of businesses that desperately need them.

Hidden inside the massive and continuously growing data deluge live rhythms and themes and signals and clues to unlock business growth. So we’ve created a suite of solutions that hunt for these exploitable nuggets, map them to form peer-validated connections, and present the insights for the direct benefit of Main Street decision-makers.

We are leveraging the power of the network and have pioneered a peer2peer approach to AI that emphasizes what we call “The Fatter Brain” to produce deep and dynamic understanding to inform and apply better decisioning to any process. Client have the option to join our anonymized, secure, AI-enabled business processes network where they can share, learn and consume decisioning intelligence that can be deployed into their operations and workflows. Think of Waze, but for your business.

FatBrain’s breakthrough pricing and delivery subscription model offers all enterprises access to insights from permissioned peer data and overall market dynamics, built on secure, anonymized, encrypted, and privacy-protected technologies. We’re pushing the boundaries of speed and value to help every organization in the world truly utilize AI and create their own FatBrain.




Passionate builder of exceptional companies solving important, complex business problems, with expertise in AI/ML, cloud, SaaS

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Shawn Carey @ FatBrain

Shawn Carey @ FatBrain

Passionate builder of exceptional companies solving important, complex business problems, with expertise in AI/ML, cloud, SaaS

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