Reincar- “Nation”

Dust to dust

Ash to ash

When I look to the future

I still see the past

Today, We bury him, Once again

(Too many times to keep count)

A Minor, A boy, A Black-boy

Only 14 years of living in

the Southside inner city

Has jaded, reality

His ambitions — too HIGH for “their” liking

Inherited from his mother

Only the 4th Negro student to graduate

From her Predominately White Argo

Mississippi high School By 1938

Three years later

She faced the impossible task

Of properly raising a boy- a black boy

In A Segregated United /States

Blending a delicate recipe Of making him

Wise-But not too wise

That he appears well educated

Strong- But not too strong

That he’s seen as threatening

& black -But not too black

That he’s proud!

(He is prefered weakend and head bowed)

At 14

He is yet to take horticulture or Calculus

He cannot accurately calculate

Just how deep the roots

of “Strange Fruit” run -

Seeding from

1863 Emancipation

Leading to

First presidential assassination!

He has not heard Kanye's

“blood on the leaves”

He knows nothing of

Southern poplar trees

He’s just an adolescent

Without a History lesson

Still unable to quarrel

his youthful impulses

On steamimg Hot summer Mississippi days

he would much rather

Swallow hard-sweet candy -than pride

He lacks that discipline it takes

To turn the other cheek

While being called “Nigger”

(Did I mention his father was a boxer?)

but there is no “standing your ground”

For colored people It is 1955 and

And Mississippi IS BURNING Alive

Anyone who doesn’t obey

The Jump-Jim Crow laws

Emmett Till

Out of Towner Visiting Family (In the South)

Lured to the Not so “convenient store”

By his sweet tooth ( prematurely )

Before mastering the correct angle

Of which his head is to be lowered

When In the presence of white folks

And the degree to which

His eyes are to be slanted

Away-from white women

Milam and Bryant

Would teach him that lesson

It took an All white-male jury just 68 minutes of

“That Nigger got JUST what he deserved.”

“That Nigger shoulda been raised better”

“That Nigger shoulda known better”


Before his murderers were Acquitted!

Public opinion of The verdict Was just as segregated as the

Swimming pools and church pews

Of the day


His screams for justice echo forward

Transcending space and time

Pass the illusions of Supreme Court


It’s Brown skin vs. the hate of a nation

Old brown working women vs. bus stations

Browns vs. Boards of Caucasians

Brown vs. Board of Education.

Black cries for help Slips through loop-holes and the fine print of legislation

In post racial America

He finds himself Victimized again and again

He is King repeatedly beaten march 3rd 1991

He is Diallo shot 19 times Feburary 4th 1999

He is thousands left stranded on New Orleans rooftops in summer of 2005

He is Bell fatally shot November 25, 2006

He is stopped and frisked 600,000 x’s every year

He is one million black men inprisoned under the guise of a war on drugs — at this very moment

Because no one is listening-

History has to repeat itself

This time it is Feburary 26 2012

Mamie answers the door

Only to be told (once again) that her child

Will never return From the convenient store

With Skittles or Iced Tea

Gunned down

NOT by Zimmermann’s bullet

But By wild wild western Laws

Gunned down By the same system

That sees every black man:

Armed or unarmed

Educated or uneducated

Young or old

Aggressive or peaceful

Unemployed or Commander and Chief

As a uniform and indistinguishable


To it’s very existence!

In post racial America

They have rescinded affirmative action

So What’s your re-action?

The past is more present than you think

2 Pac said, “although it seems heaven sent, we ain’t ready to see a black president”

But we put Barack in that white residence

So Now they think…

Racism is extinct?

1955–2017 62 years later

Don’t you still hear him scream?

Malcolm had vision, Martin had dreams,

I just have this nightmare

Where they — k.k.k. ( keep killing kings)

“Not guilty”

not guilty

not guilty

Its their theme

But it guilts me



WE haven’t changed,


Dust to dust

ash to ash

When I look to the future

I still see the past

This is not fiction

This is …


Today, We bury him, again!