A Theory of Everything

There is total balance. The law is: everything exists with it’s equal and opposite. In physics, its Newton’s 3rd law. In spirituality it’s yen and yang. In the practical world it’s male and female, hot and cold, and in the universe it’s matter and anti-matter. The theory of everything- which is an attempt by physicists to find the laws and equations which would unify quantum mechanics with Einstein’s theory of general relativity, in an attempt to explain the origins of the universe (the Big Bang) — already exists.

The two seemingly contradictory theories, are unified under Newton’s 3rd law. For example, when you consider things from the macro level, such as large masses like planets, the laws of classical mechanics apply. The locations of large bodies can be measured and predicted. We know the distance from the earth to the sun. We can calculate their motions, the earth’s orbit around the sun, and their respective velocities, etc.

However, when you look at the micro level and observe the subatomic -particles which comprise large masses, you get the very opposite behavior. You have particles, that in fact, aren’t necessarily particles at all, opting to behave like waves at any moment. You have particles whose locations are unpredictable and immeasurable with any certainty; they could be any place at any time and nowhere at all when not being directly observed! Einstein famously called this behavior, “spooky action...” It seems to contradict all the laws that we know which govern the macro- universe. But, in reality, it is the law of balancing opposites.

The universe, like all of its content, is governed by balance. Newton said for every action there is an opposite but equal reaction- opposite in direction, equal in magnitude. I think that formula is sufficient. The erratic behaviors of particles/waves at the molecular level shouldn’t be considered “spooky” phenomena at all. Instead, consider it proof of the law of opposites.

Sorry Einstein, but according to the law of polarity, it would be rather predictable that after discovering the laws of classical mechanics on the galactic level, you would see what is observed with particles at the quantum level; nothing exists without its opposite. **While this may not necessarily explain the origin of the universe, it does reveal that: balance was a key ingredient in the framework of the universe. Therefore, there is nothing left to unify at all.

This unifies everything, from the micro to the macro levels, from the theoretical to the practical. While, physicists continue their search, they will only end up with a technical and mathematical equation for opposites or the law of Polarity. The theory of everything? The theory of everything is this: everything is balanced… This theory is detectable and observable. The scientists, I’m afraid, only seek to complicate this into complex equations and scientific jargon (string theory).

**For me, this also explains the origin of the universe. If nothing exists without its opposite, then literally nothing exists without its opposite; the universe which comprises everything has to exist in juxtaposition to nothing. If, nothing existed before the Big Bang, then everything also existed before the Big Bang! It’s the universal law.

Words of wisdom.

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