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Can heart healthy plant-based diets protect us against coronavirus ?

Blood Pressure lowering nitrate-rich veggie-based formulas may slow Covid-19

Shawn J. Green
Mar 17 · 4 min read

Nitric oxide is naturally produced by the body and is best known for blood pressure homeostasis. In 1998, the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to three scientists for discovering nitric oxide’s role as a key signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system.

Nitric oxide is equally vital in our immune system. Viruses, mycobacteria, protozoans, bacteria, and fungi are among a growing list of microbes that are susceptible to nitric oxide (1–3). As a matter of fact, a series of in vitro studies have reported that nitric oxide inhibits SARS-CoV replication and interferes with viral infection (4–7).

Within the body, the magnitude and duration of nitric oxide synthesis determines whether the molecule’s actions are regulatory or cytotoxic. Low pulses of nitric oxide, produced by the endothelial cells lining our blood vessels, are involved with housekeeping events such as blood vessel tone. Whereas large amounts of nitric oxide produced by certain types of immune cells, such as the macrophage, are often associated with a disease state. Under these circumstances, nitric oxide is either cytotoxic or protective (1).

Unfortunately, as we grow older, we lose the ability to make nitric oxide which leads to cardio-metabolic problems and a possibly weakened immune system. If so, age related nitric oxide deficiencies may partially explain why those individuals with comorbidities appear to be more susceptible to Covid-19.


In essence, dietary inorganic nitrates, especially those derived from arugula, beets, among other leafy green vegetables, behave as a pro-drug in which the body converts inorganic nitrate to nitric oxide through a series of well-defined steps beginning with the friendly microflora on the tongue reducing nitrate to nitrite, which is subsequent reduced to nitric oxide in the gut, blood stream, and various organs throughout the body.

A growing number of clinical studies have shown dietary inorganic nitrate from plant-based foods can be optimized to enhance nitric oxide production in the body and restore endothelial function. Such dietary sources and formulations are found to be safe in humans and effective at reducing elevated blood pressure in hypertensives. Interestingly, exhaled nitric oxide levels rose >200% in COPD patients who consumed nitrate-rich organic beet juice, hence, the consumption of dietary inorganic nitrate results in elevated levels of nitric oxide within the lungs.

With that said, Mallinckrodt has partnered with the FDA, NIH, and the BARD to evaluate the anti-viral effects of inhaled nitric oxide gas (9). However, nitric oxide delivered directly to the lung as a gas should be closely monitored in a clinical setting due to the potentially harmful effects caused by the by-product, nitrogen dioxide, which may exacerbate lung inflammation of infected patients. Hopefully, the later will not be the case, and instead, inhaled nitric oxide proves to be lifesaving.

A viable, safe, and effective alternative may actually be found with a nitric oxide-rich, plant-based formulary designed to inhibit Covid-19 replication and viral-cell fusion.

As we explore the merits of nitric oxide gas and the re-purposing of arthritis drugs by big pharma to diminish the symptoms of Covid-19, we should take a hard look at whether orally active nitrate formularies and plant-derived inorganic nitrate concentrates can slow down coronavirus infectivity if not reduce Covid-19 viral burden among infected individuals.

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Shawn J. Green published some of the very first discoveries in the early 90s on how the immune system makes nitric oxide to combat intracellular pathogens such as leishmania, tularemia, and malaria.

Shawn J. Green

Written by

Scientist. Nitric oxide researcher. Plant food advocate. Mountain Trekker. Supporter of aging gracefully. …and more on Google Scholar and LinkedIn.

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