There was a buzz in the office today

No not because of a product launch or a new salted caramel chocolate bar in the vending machine. It was the announcement of #UberPUPPIES. Cute and cuddly puppies delivered to your workplace for the small sum of $40. They could have easily charged double.

What was really amazing about this campaign was it tapped into a base human emotion in a very smart and playful way. Not a word about how great Uber is or how they are better than the competition (we know that already). But what really impressed was how quickly they probably turned it all around. The only physical act Uber needed to do was to deliver the puppies, which they outsourced. They had the technology already in place. A few tweaks to the app, some social media and the press did all the hard work for them.

Uber is lean and agile. Their business model is simple and so is their app, which their customers love. They aren’t focusing on creating new products they concentrate on increasing their customer base and giving them what they need. Uber can teach the big boys a lesson but will they listen?

But next time, please more puppies, we missed out!