Being The Best Basketball Coach… Requires You To Be YOU!

As a coach, one of my main focuses is transforming the lives of my athletes that I coach or come in contact with during this coaching journey. Over the years I learned that you change lives by being yourself, be genuine in everything you do in your coaching. For example, I love the John Wooden Pyramid of Success, however, I am not John Wooden, so I can reference those traits of success, but at the end of the day I need to be who I am as a leader, and my player will respect me as their coach for the principles and beliefs I stand for as a coach. According to Chron, transformational leaders inspire people, and responsible for getting the entire staff involved in envisioning the objectives while ensuring they exceed their personal expectations (Root III, 2016). As a transformational leader, I strive to motivate, lead with integrity and high expectation by convincing my team to do more with less, by emphasizing the importance of taking responsibility and accountability for their individual actions. I focused on making men into better men that contribute in our society outside of sports. It is my philosophy to stimulate education, leadership, and social growth; building character by equipping our youth with the vital skills necessary to become effective leaders in their immediate communities through empowerment, discipline, self-respect simultaneously through sports development. As a coach, I want to stay transparent and allow my teams to serve as a viaduct to unify parents and educators, community leaders, local businesses, and all other community agencies that are dedicated and committed to the development of social and ethical behavior of our youth, utilizing sports as a powerful elixir to build confidence and promote unity in our community. As a coach, I have a strong passion for serving God with a spirit of progression not perfection, and in this process, my goals are for my players to be better men through this process. It is my assertion that if you continue to strive for greatness, you will achieve greatness.