If It Doesn’t Suck, It’s Not Worth Doing
Benjamin P. Hardy

I certainly concur with the theme of perseverance and moving beyond the wall of resistance. I love the concept of “deep work” and the ability to focus and sustain the course.

I often speak about the concept of “pain” though. For I do think we make too much out of and take too much pride in suffering — such that suffering itself can become the reward.

In the physical domain — as a way of experience because it simply works — one can begin to dance with the frame of pain. Yes, it may “hurt” to do another rep, another set. It may be beyond what I can feel comfortable with to push the next stroke of the pedal.

But… is it pain or is it simply the way the body responds to change — to challenge?

When you reach the place where you can look at “pain” objectively, embrace the experience, reframe its meaning. Well… that’s a game changer.

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