I worry that your well reasoned argument will fall on deaf ears.
Jay Kapoor

I concur that it will “fall on deaf ears.” At the risk of sounding fatalistic, I have little hope that most of the ardent supporters can or even care to be reached.

You said it… world views. Call it world view, perspective or consciousness (the operating system that is driving the aforementioned world view); it is the root of the issue here.

It’s not ignorance, stupidity or any of those other “deplorable” words. It’s the organizing OS that creates their world view.

If we look at the “system” from the perspective of a “thing” called “Spiral Dynamics” (SD) we see Trump, himself, is a RED level warrior lord. This is an egoic level of rage, domination and war. He needs the fit to exist. This is why it loves Putin so. His level of operating actually covets to be a King. To have a dictatorship.

The people who most activates are right here with him. Carpe Diem… live for now. Angry, triggered… and he has woken them from a sense of disconnection and pity to a rage that has much of it’s roots in race and retaliation.

Dr. George Lakoff does a very, very good job of speaking to this issue. to the man himself and the followers. He gets into how this world view is literally WIRED in the brain. It’s no more an issue of free choice than being 6'6" is.

So what to do?

Lakoff has some suggestions in language. But first might be to accept that there is something about this monster that works for them — for some. And skip the making them bad for that. Sure, it feels like hell and makes no damn sense … unless, of course, it does.

If we accept that not everyone is going to see the world “the right way” and let them be and see what they need to see. Then we can keep an arm around the ones we can and recognize what they see and offer a look “over there.”

All I can say is that once we accept they ain’t all gonna change — see the light — we can focus on those who see, be the change we need and focus forward.

Eventually the horse will get completely out of the barn (how it’s not yet, I dunno) and no amount of self delusion is going to be able to get the emperors clothes back on.