“Chop Wood, Carry Water” the Saying Goes…

The 3 Keys to Epic Success Used by Great Teams and World Class Athletes

“Work hard” and you can achieve anything! Is what we say, what we hear, what we believe.

We celebrate hard work and suffering everywhere. So much so we have come to believe this myth with such certainty that few bother to question it.

I’m here to alert you that it is not “hard work” that results on epic success.

It is a mistake — a myth, a misunderstanding.

What we call “hard work” is actually consistency of action. It’s repeating the basics. Executing the simple things with mystical resolve.

We call it “hard work” because it looks hard. It seems hard, looks hard…to maintain that sort of resolve, the focus, that commitment.

It’s how we view the master’s actions from the outside. Yet, to the master it is not hard work — it is simply in his nature. It is the way of being.

It is the meaning at the heart of the saying,“chop wood, carry water.”
Chop wood, carry water... is about being in the moment, doing what is to be done now, and letting the results take care of themselves. As they do.

You see, the master did something long ago that most all of us struggle with: He embraced the power of rituals in his life.

And it is the rituals which become embodied in him. They become his being. Such that he no longer is “doing the work” but rather “being the work” itself.

One of the greatest cyclists of many generations said this in an interview just the other day, “What I loved was not the competing. That is what I was paid for. I had to do that. I lived for the training. For the suffering. For the moments of doing what no one else would.”

Rituals, repeated daily, are the real life changing secret that hold the key most of us spend a lifetime looking for.

What are your top, most reliable rituals?

You know, those simple daily practices that when we do them — with military precision — make a profound impact on your being…

Greatness is not rocket science. It’s not hidden in a secret formula known but to a few. Excellence is in the basics — almost mundane things executed with unrelenting rigor.

We all know those people who have it in their DNA. Who have this ability to do the little things every day without fail.

You see what it produces. How this chipping away at the stone carves a masterpiece of life. In fitness, as in life, most suffer from shiny object syndrome — always looking for the new, new thing.

When I want to get back to fit it is the same fundamentals that I return to. The rituals call and we must bring that unrelenting rigor.

The problem for me — as it may be for you — is knowing what to do is simply not enough. Doing them is what matters.

Some will tell you all you have to do is “commit.” Yes, that’s it. Commit.

Commit is but the first step — it opens a door. You commit today and then awake tomorrow with the same Ground-Hog day as yesterday.

How do you follow “commit” with the discipline of practice?

Know your success rituals (I’ll happily loan you mine) that’s step one. That’ll get you through the door. The real trick is putting them into action, daily, and sustaining that practice until that “drip, drip, drip…” takes hold and begins to work it’s magic.

Changing your outlook on life: Inspiring hope and optimism. Changing your body: Releasing stored fat and reclaiming muscle. Bringing you happiness, peace, success and abundance.

This my friend, is the secret. The secret is that there is no secret. The formula for anything you want to achieve, enjoy, acquire or share in life is the same: Do The Work. Embrace the ritual of practice.

Not huge heroic slave work. Just small things repeated daily. Chip away at the stone to sculpt your masterpiece.

The Formula for Surefire Success

Want to experience the life changing magic of daily rituals… Here’s how to put them in action and stay the course to change.

To activate and sustain the practice to results you will need 3 things: Container — Community — Challenge.

Container is the holding container. The finite block of space and time. A football game is not an endless event. It’s not played to a certain score. It’s container is the field and the 60 minutes of clock time. It’s the container that defines the field and gives rise to the focus and the path forward. The goals, the focus, the intensity.

The container I offer you is 28 days. More on that in a moment.

Community is the tribe we are accountable to and for. The place of shared experience and like minded people. It is how we tribal humans show up and stand true. Community is not in your head it is in your heart and your DNA.

You do not have to think about how to use it. It works through you. Community calls forth your best into the world. If you are not in community you might want to ask yourself what you’re hiding from.

The community I offer you is a focused tribe of change makers with a common focus on support and success.

Challenge is how you activate meaning and motivation. Challenge is personal. It need not be competition but simply a challenge to ourselves. Can you go 28 days without a beer? Can you fast for 24 hours? How about 100 pushups…

Challenge is universally effective.A challenge is a special sort of magic that awakens something in us human beings.

When you take a set of simple daily rituals, put them in a container and add community and challenge you have a recipe for change that can manifest in your life damn near anything you have ever dreamed of.

This is why I choose to create my IGNITE 28 Day Reboot— because I am ready for a change. Because the kids are back to school and I want to get my rhythm back.

…along with my energy, my focus, my fitness and my positive powerful presence in life re-ignited.

This is why I am urgently inviting you to join me. Because we need your presence and I’ll just bet there is something in your life you’ve been thinking about changing too.

The 28 days is not long. But it’s long enough to challenge without overwhelming you. When you contain the length of a challenge — 28 days — it allows you to go deeper, ask for a little more.

It’s long enough that if you reach your 90% target goal you WILL see and feel it’s impact in your body, mind and life.

The rituals are not huge. It won’t require you altering your life. It will simply give you that container, the reason, that frame to get back to the work that produces change.

I’m talking a renewed positive outlook on life. A fresh sense of hope and optimism. A solid confidence in the house. A sense of control and even mastery.

You will find your body responding like it has not in years. You will feel more rested, stronger, more energized.

These things I guarantee. In fact, if at the end of 28 days if you don’t feel happier, healthier, stronger and more confident by a significant amount I will happily give you back DOUBLE the two twenty dollar bills you invest in IGNITE 28.

That is all there is to it. If you’re a little scared you should be.

If you think it’s dull or not enough — you are scared. You want to look away.

Face it, there is something you are doing right now that you know if you QUIT for 28 days your life would be much, much better. You will feel in control, back on top, again.

The formula is simple. The success is substantial. All I need is you.

Join me today (we start Monday) for IGNITE 28 : The ReBoot Ritual Challenge.

Get back to basics. Clean up the clutter. Overcome the resistance.

Success is simple.

Choosing to follow through on it is what is hard. IGNITE 28 makes serious success seem easy.

Join IGNITE 28 ReBOOT Challenge Here Today <<==== ask and you shall receive.

Remember, if you don’t arrive happier, healthier, stronger, and more confident I’ll give you double your money back in a month. How’s that for a promise.

To Your Full Strength,


I can attest that this physique was the product of rituals, of the 3-C’s of success.
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