Effective strategies, backed by brain science, that’ll build your daughter’s self-confidence and make her happier.

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Have you ever noticed what happens when your teenage daughter feels jealous of a friend or, even a stranger?

Jealousy’s a funny thing; it’s an intense emotion that can cause all sorts strange behavior and prickly feelings for teenage girls.

But what if your daughter looked at jealously a little differently …

It is her mind and body’s way of letting her know she wants MORE for herself.

That’s exactly what many of my new clients want … MORE.

More connection.

More happiness.

More confidence.

The Human Experiment — Teenage Girl…

5 Simple Questions that will set your teenager up for success

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Does your teenager avoid certain people or situations?

Teens are social creatures and creating solid connections is the name of the game.

Chances are, if your daughter isn’t engaging in with her peers, she may be experiencing a bit of ‘tribal unrest.’

As a parent, you’ve likely come to anticipate her adolescent mood swings and have a tolerance for the tension.

But if your daughter is:

· at odds with her bestie

· managing a tribal tiff

· or feeling left out

her energy and intensity around the situation may rattle everyone within a hundred-mile radius. …

3 easy strategies that’ll help your teenager make peace with uncertainty

By Shawna Warner, Parent and Teen Coach at Cultivating Resilient Teens

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Is it time to help your teenager make peace with uncertainty?

Perhaps she tends to:

· Overthink difficult situations

· Put her bad experiences on repeat

· Allow her inner critic to take center stage

The first step is to help your daughter understand that it’s NOT HER FAULT when everything feels like a complete and utter disaster.

Let’s introduce her to the concept that’s causing her to ruminate on what’s going wrong for her.

It’s called Negativity Bias. …


Shawna Warner, MSW

Parent and Teen Coach at Cultivating Resilient Teens